Where Conscious People Find Healthy Food on Maui

Maui is abundant with people living sustainably. This is one of the most comfortable and beautiful places to immerse yourself in nature; it’s not too cold, not too hot and we have many amazing nutrient dense foods growing here because of our fortunate weather and diverse climate zones.

For Maui visitors – buying fresh local food and eating out at ConsciousMaui.com suggested restaurants, vendors and food truck’s will give you the “real” Maui experience. Chain restaurants and hotel food might appear to be the “easy” choice – but you didn’t come all this way to eat food you can get anywhere. Go explore, have an adventure, eat fresh – eat local! Enjoy Maui.

For Maui residents – eating and buying local helps our island become sustainable, it decreases the dependence on mainland products. It helps grow our local economy and it simply tastes better. It’s a win-win-win better food for you, better for our local businesses and better for a sustainable Maui.

Below are some of our local businesses that make looking good and living well on this island easy.

1. Mana Foods –
A great healthy food market based in the center of Paia town.  With a hot food bar, bakery and smoothie bar you get food on the go or grocery shop for all your needs.  Find parking up Baldwin in the lot next to the post office. The walk is nice.
Learn more: Mana Foods.

2. Maui Kombucha –
A fun place to get a ‘buch buzz. They sample shots to ensure you get exactly what you want! Like at the ice-cream shop but fizzy! Get the best tasting raw and vegan food here.
Learn more: Maui Kombucha

3. Upcountry Farmers Market –
Produce and so much more. Bright and early Saturday morning, all year, rain or shine! Find amazing prepared Indian food, have Reba and Devin squeeze you a fresh mason jar of Sugar Cane Juice and get the freshest produce for the week!
Learn more: Upcountry Farmers Market

4. a’a Roots –
Vegan Cafe on the west side in Lahaina features 100% vegan delights and a fresh juice bar.  This cafe is health-conscious and eco-friendly offering locally sourced fresh vegan dishes.
Learn more:  a’a Roots

5. Like Poke? –
Hawaiian Owned! Fresh Ocean to table experience. Poke and fish plates served island style with rice and Mac salad. This is a food truck located across from Costco, just minutes from the airport.  Made to order poke means its the freshest and the best tasting; the best local grinds around.
Learn more: Like Poke?

6. Coconut Glen’s Ice Cream –
This sweet little ice cream stand on the road to Hana was voted by Conde’ Nast Traveler as one of the best ice creams in the world.  Who new delicious Organic Vegan Ice Cream existed in Maui’s Jungle!
Learn more: Coconut Glen’s Ice Cream

7. Farmacy Health Bar –
Nestled in Wailuku this groovy eatery has what you really want!  With an aim to cure ailments through nutritious foods and alkaline juices you’re bound to feel good about your choices here.  Check out their newest location in Pukalani too.
Learn more: Farmacy Health Bar

8. Flatbread Company –
Organic and local ingredients makes this pizza so delicious. Owners are all about the Aloha and frequently hold benefits for Maui’s local non profits. Eating meals prepared by happy chefs with love in their hearts really does transfer that love to our hearts and bodies through the foods we choose. Love in – Love out!
Learn more: Flatbread Company

9. Huelo Fruitstand Lookout
An amazing way to begin or end your day in Hana. Fresh fruit and smoothies will add brightness to your day.  You can really taste the rainbows!
Learn more: Huelo Fruitstand Lookout

10. Brekkie Bowls –
Coffee, Booth, Acai Bowls and smoothies. Time to refuel, pre-fuel or wanting to indulge in freshness; this watering hole on the south side has you covered!
Learn more: Brekkie Bowls

11. Hana Harvest –
Road side stand with some of this and some of that! Wood Fire Pizza, Crafts, Coffee, Organic, Sustainable and Thriving here on Maui.  A perfect place to stop, shop and enjoy Hana’s local offerings.
Learn more: Hana Harvest

This list is just a small sample of what you can find on ConsciousMaui.com. For even more ideas and suggestions of places for healthy minded foodies visit our “Food Categories“.