The importance of buying Fair Trade products and services, not just on Maui but on Earth.

Greetings earthlings! It is important that we continue to improve consistently in order to evolve. This is a great time to consciously empower one another and offer encouragement and support to everyone we encounter. Imagine a supportive environment where you were encouraged to thrive, a space where your peers lifted you up, imagine having the freedom to be who you really are.  What if you were able to accept others as they are. Would this encouragement make us better? Happier? I think it would. Our free flowing positive energy would be spent on creating and growing! What is better than that?

Everyone deserves fresh water, healthy organic food, comfortable clothing and safe shelter from the elements. We need to make sure that each of our needs are being met and that we are paying and being paid fairly. Sadly many of us are being exploited. Even today  some people are working long hours and barely making enough money to scrape by. This is a sad existence, this is not living. But it does not have to be this way.  Companies care about profits thus the most powerful vote we have is the vote we make when we spend our money.  If you don’t stand for it don’t buy it. When participating in a capitalistic society it is only fair that working people receive a reasonable wage for the services and products they provide.  We should expect to pay others what we would want to be paid for providing the same services. Our time is equally valuable.

There is a global movement called Fair Trade that is putting value on the Earth and on the people who live here. The Fair Trade institution was created as an arrangement to help producers in developing countries receive higher pay from exporters as well as better social and environmental standards. Fair Trade is particularly recognized when dealing with commodities such as handicrafts, coffee, cocoa, wine, sugar fresh fruit, chocolate, flowers, and gold being exported from developing countries to developed countries. This accomplishment is achieve through open communication, transparency and respect.

It is time to commit to the ethical treatment, fair and timely pay of the producers of the products we use so they are are able to afford the best livelihood imaginable. We all deserve to be safe, free from exposure of harsh chemicals in our food and in environment. What if we chose to do the right thing, not just for ourselves as individuals but for each other as a civilization.

#1 Look for one of the Fair Trade logos when selecting products to purchase.

#2 When making a decision between two similar products where one of the items has the Fair Trade logo and the other does not.

#3 Do the right thing and choose the product of the company that takes care of the people and the planet.

#4 Many shops and stores on Maui offer a variety of fair trade products. Look closely at coffee and chocolate in particular!

#5 Choose FAIR TRADE!