Mother Moon Father Sun

Aloha, I work with people who have childhood trauma and neglect as a peer, mentor, guide and educator with the goal of supporting you in understanding your recovery process. I support and empower you to use your strengths to build a life you love living.
Please email for a link to schedule a free 1/2 hr discovery call.
For more info, please call.

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Dr. Sarah Rothman, ND

Dr. Sarah Rothman is a Naturopathic Doctor passionate about integrating Western and Eastern Medicine. She practices in Kihei, Haiku and through telemedicine.
Her clinical background includes extensive experience in Women’s Health, Hormone Balance, Fertility, Thyroid Health, and Pediatrics. She offers Holistic Primary Care and weaves mind body techniques such as breathwork and mindful meditation into her clinical practice.

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We are a local business here on Maui selling organic, fresh roasted coffee beans in 100% compostable packaging.
JERF Life has partnered with the non profit, One Tree Planted. We have set it up with them so that for every product of ours that gets sold one tree gets planted.
Our mission is to help our Earth by reducing plastics and pesticides and to plant 100,000 trees. We can’t do it alone though. We need all those coffee lovers out there!

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WLH Food Project

We help to feed families in Maui with one or both parents unemployed due to the pandemic. We connect with these families and gift them $100 of credit to spend on fresh groceries.

Kihei’s local natural food store, Hawaiian Moons, has generously offered discounts to support our project. Families can shop for free food at their convenience using our gift card. Instacart or Volunteer delivery are also optional for families outside Kihei.

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Aloha Life Massage

Welcome to Aloha Life Massage. We are top certified massage therapists in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.
Massage therapy reduces muscle tension, improves circulation, improves skin tone, stimulates the lymphatic system and increases joint mobility.
Come feel the benefits of massage therapy including a decrease in stress and anxiety.

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Aloha Hypnotherapy Maui

Hugh Durham is a Maui based hypnotherapist, with a passion for helping people overcome challenges, find balance and realize their greatest potential. Hugh works with people just like you to redesign the subconscious part of the mind — the one that drives behavior, emotions, and performance. Let’s discover a new way of living, taking a mindset of surviving to one of thriving. Unlock your full potential with Therapeutic Hypnosis today!

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Be The Light – House of Wisdom

Oracle Molly Indura guides and teaches spiritual self mastery through practices of higher consciousness, holistic therapy services, and sacred ritual work to attune humans to their original design as multidimensional beings.

– Spiritual Therapy
– Life Coaching & Self Mastery
– Negative Energy Removal
– Chakras/Aura Cleanse
– Past Life Regression Counseling
– Faith-based Counseling
– Mystic Training
– Psyche System

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Active Dreaming Maui

Online classes in Dream Interpretation, and Shamanic Drum Journeys, Private sessions available. For more information,

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Cover the Earth in Gardens

What if, instead of empty lawns, we create spaces around our homes with an abundance of our favorite vegetables, medicinal herbs, fruit trees, native plants and fragrant flowers?

• Garden
– in-ground • raised beds • pots & containers • irrigation • tree planting • custom compost systems

• Gardening Education
– have a mentor and partner for your garden! • work together • self-sufficiency • learn new skills

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Intelligent Remedies

We create natural Antiviral Herbal Supplements family grown and operated on the island of Maui and backed by evidence-based studies and peer-reviewed research.

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