How to Sustain Love in Your Life

In a flash, my life would change. In this change, I would feel deeply lost, stripped of all nonessentials, alone, and left at the curb for a very long time. I would die every day as love would find me.

As a self-taught and thriving survivor of three brain injuries, I wanted more out of life. I wanted not only a complete recovery but, more radically, a life with deeper meaning, love, and happiness. Secretly, I would imagine relationships that were harmonious, free, and alive! I was patient and I was determined.

Love is the spiritual energy in which we thrive! Without love, there is no connection to the vitality of life.

We also know that life does not happen by chance. Rather, life occurs by positive and active change, but we must first choose.

I am continually finding a deeper love as love finds me. By investing in ourselves to do the inner work, we are choosing to take a leap forward that awards a huge relief and sense of accomplishment. Life becomes effortless and fulfilling.

I would like to share and offer my life’s work of how to sustain love. How to Sustain Love in Your Life, with Robin J. Bloom, is a breakthrough course designed for those ready to step into their power to carve a path in creating a more compassionate way of living (that is easily role- modeled to children). This 6-week course is the culmination of how I was successfully able to sustain love in my life, despite ongoing chaos and confusion.

The course offers many tools, tips, insights, and (3) Bonus Gifts to assist and uplift you on your journey. You’ll discover “what to change and how to change it” in finding a more meaningful way to live.

At the end of this course, you will know how to thrive, consciously create, and lovingly sustain the life you deserve. You can ask yourself, “How do I truly wish to live my life?” and “What do I need to do to rise into the light?”

Join us as we step upon a new path where life embraces you! With love, Robin

PS: My passion is to inspire and empower individuals to live life fully. In this offering, I hope to support you in creating the life of your dreams and more, accept nothing less!

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