Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month – Soursop

Aloha! Welcome Back to Conscious Maui’s Featured Fruit of the Month Blog.  Join us while we talk story about the Soursop, how to eat it and why it is so healthy.

Last month we covered how to enjoy a Mango without making a complete mess.  We also went over the why Mango is healthy and the best places are to get them on Maui. If you missed last months featured fruit of the month click here to learn more about Mango.

What is Soursop:
Soursop aka Graviola, Guyabano, or Guanábana, thrives in warm humid locations within USDA zone 10, making parts of the Hawaiian Islands ideal for growing this delicious fast growing super-food.

Where to get Soursop:
Specialty grocery stores or farmers markets often have this fruit.  Do you or a friend have a soursop tree?  Since the fruit is so large it is great for sharing.  Soursop makes a great healthy gift. They grow so large it may not be possible to eat an entire one by yourself. Canned juice is also available but may contain added sugars or other chemicals. It is also being sold in the refrigerator section of some grocery stores as a meat replacement.


When to Harvest Soursop:
The soursop tree can grow up to 20 feet tall in the right environment and will be half as wide. Harvest in Hawaii is between June and October.  The fruit can grow quite large almost 12 inches in length weighing close to 10 lbs. When ready to be harvested and eaten the skin will yield slightly to pressure.  It must be said that the size of the fruit is not an indicator of when it is ready. It has been my experience that size of the fruit is based on the conditions of the soil and the weather and not based on the time spent on the tree.

How to eat Soursop:
The soursop fruit has a delicate flavor somewhere between sweet and tart. Similar to a blended flavor of apple with a hint of strawberry or pineapple depending on the ripeness. The green, gently spiky skin is relatively thin and easy to cut through. The edible portion of the fruit is a off white in color and has a fibrous texture. The dark brown seeds are almost encapsulated in the sections of the fruit. These seeds are to be planted at once, do not eat the seeds. Soursop stores well in the refrigerator once cut open it can last about 3 days.

There are many articles on the internet regarding soursop as a cancer treatment alternative. This may or may not be true, but is definitely worth looking into. Many enjoy this fruit for its flavor and the possibility that it may have a positive effect on the body. Soursop is reported to be high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help neutralize the free radicals that damage our cells.