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Fri, May 10, 2019

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM HST

For Farmers: Ginger Seed Production Workshop (Kahului)
A Simplified Method of Multiplying Bacterial Wilt-Free Edible Ginger in Pots

In Hawai‘i, the primary limiting factor for the commercial production of edible ginger is the disease known as bacterial wilt (caused by Ralstonia solanacearum-race 4). First reports of this disease in Hawai‘i were made in 1964, with subsequent crop losses reported as high as 60% in 1993. Symptoms of bacterial wilt of ginger include leaf yellowing and curling followed by necrosis and lethal wilting of the plant. Since ginger is vegetatively propagated, it is important to plant seed pieces that are not infected with the bacterial wilt pathogen, because diseased seed pieces will develop into diseased plants and lead to crop losses.

We will cover how to plant seed pieces in pots, use of amendments & slow release fertilizers, and most importantly employing cultural practices to avoid future disease contamination.

This workshop will be taught by Kylie Tavares & Sharon Wages, Agricultural Extension Agents for the University of Hawaii-College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (UH-CTAHR) familiar with edible ginger production in Hawaii and bacterial wilt disease.

Material and supplies are limited, please be kind and email kylielw@hawaii.edu ASAP if you are registered and will not be able to attend so that someone else may register for that seat. Mahalo.

For more information on Multiplying Bacterial Wilt-Free Ginger in Pots, see our free publication online:



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