Consuming is Easy, Creating Requires Effort

In today’s world there are many great ways to passively consume content. By this I mean, to observe or take in the the creations of others. We do this by watching videos, listening to music, getting lost in Pinterest, casually gazing at the variety of topics that show up on the facebook feed, going to an art gallery, the ways are countless really. We could talk about types of available creative content all day long.

Consuming the content of others can evoke inspiration. Is it enough to feel inspired? Inspiration without action does not really serve humanity in the long run.

Look at Elon Musk; he has a constant pipeline of ideas coming into his mind at all times. It would be difficult for him to bring every idea into reality but he is giving it a go! If he had not taken action on these inspirations there would be no Tesla Cars, no Space X, and no Boring Company (or any of the other accomplishments Elon Musk has under his belt). Since this post is not a tribute to Elon, I will not list any more of the many inspirations on which he and his teams have taken radical action.

Positive changes or solutions require not only ideas but action, that’s the point! We can all take actions that will make the future better for all of humanity. Here are a 3 practices we can use to turn ideas into reality:


1. Co-Creation – All of humanity benefits from co-creation, or sharing of ideas and experiences. Co-creation happens when we share our strengths and passions with other people wanting to achieve a similar goal. Together we can create something that makes life worth living, rather than constantly trying to solve a problem we can do something just to bring joy to others.

2. Friendly Competition – Competition can be a fun and efficient way to generate a large collection of new ideas to solve a persistent problem facing humanity, a city or an island. The person or team that comes up with a great idea may win a prize. Like “The $70,000 ʻŌhiʻa Challenge”. There is still time the challenge is on until April 8th! Read more about the Ohia Challenge here.

3. Transparency – Rather than being secretive about our ideas what if we shared them? Sometimes I consider all of the great ideas I have had over the years that have gone to waste because I failed to act on the idea, maybe I didn’t want to be bothered, or thought it would fail, maybe I would be laughed at (again) or there was no time. If only I would have at least taken the time to write a few more ideas down. If we would share our ideas freely maybe someone else more passionate about the idea could bring it to life for the greater good.

I believe humans are capable of creating many consciously minded innovations. By learning to share ideas, offer kind constructive criticism and to brainstorm solutions to our problems we can greatly improve the future. Consuming content is so easy, but creating content is empowering and rewarding. In a similar way that making a cake all by yourself is rewarding but eating a cake by yourself is not!  How is that for an analogy? Let’s come together in the name of cake and make the island and the planet a happier place.