Conscious Maui Gecko Guide

Our Gecko Guide was created as a fun and easy way to find out the type of business or event listed on our site.  Here is what each one represents on our website:

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable                                             

This gecko represents all that is supporting our island home in sustainable and Eco-friendly ways. This gecko is the indicator for all businesses that represent options that are supportive of the environment, all plant and animal life, the ability to be free of harm and renewable in nature.


Alternative Health & Wellness

This gecko signifies all aspects of alternative health and wellness. It include those options and modalities that have not yet made it into the mainstream. These offerings are for those seeking ways to support their well being in new, creative and leading edge ways.

Preservation & Conservation

This gecko represents that which supports the preservation and conservation of our island home. This includes animals, land, ocean environments, sacred spaces and cultural practices.



Non Profit

This represents those non profits that lay within our purview of conscious business; those that are concerned with sustainability, preservation, cultural significance (Hawaiian) and alternative health and wellness. Non profits also share their opportunities to participate, donate and volunteer.

Culturally Significant/Hawaiian

This gecko represents all that aligns, supports and perpetuates Hawaiian culture, traditions and practices. Our intention is to represent the Hawaiian culture honorably in its truest and current state.


We hope that you enjoy our website and our beautiful mo’o!