Cleaning Supplies Can Do Their Job Without Being a Health Hazard!

When did we as humans become so obsessed with killing every germ, every microbe and all of the bacteria? Is this battle against what we can not see making us healthier or are we doing more harm than good? If a cleaning chemical obliterates the germs or bacteria that MIGHT make us a little bit ill BUT that very same cleaning product is poisoning you – Is it worth it?

There are many recipes on-line available for anyone interested in making their own cleaning products from a combination of simple ingredients. In the future I will test out some of the cleaning recipes and report back. For now I can say that Dr. Bronner’s makes great products. We use Dr. Bronner’s soap on our bodies and to clean the shower. I add a about a tablespoon of Dr. Bronner’s to the laundry with an environmentally friendly laundry soap. We use Seventh Generation, ECOS, and Mrs Meyer’s products too. And that’s about it.

Our house is clean and we don’t suffer from headaches or allergies. We diffuse top quality essential oils if we want our home to smell a certain way. We also use certain essential oils for cleaning. Lemon essential oil is great for removing glue residue left behind when removing the label from glass jars. Oh here’s a helpful tip… Essential oils break down plastic so if you are going to use them in any home made cleaning recipes make sure to use glass bottles and a sprayer that is made to handle essential oils otherwise the sprayer will only last about 1 day, this is what I have had to learn the hard way.

For now, I would like to share a website that I have been referring to for a few years to determine if I want a product in our home. The website is They assign a grade or a score to many household products based on the safety of the ingredients. also has an app available for your phone so a product can be scanned and you can decide if it is safe enough for your family. The website also has a database where a zip code can be entered and a water municipality in that zip code selected to learn what chemicals have been found in the water supply of a specific area and if those chemicals are within or above safe levels. If the water in your area is contaminated you may consider getting a filter for your drinking water.

We all want to feel good in order to lead fun and productive lives. If we are conscious about the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat we can increase our number of good days! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.  To find Earth and Maui friendly cleaning products mentioned in this blog visit Markets and Grocery Stores listed with!