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Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month – Soursop

Aloha! Welcome Back to Conscious Maui’s Featured Fruit of the Month Blog.  Join us while we talk story about the Soursop, how to eat it and why it is so healthy.

Last month we covered how to enjoy a Mango without making a complete mess.  We also went over the why Mango is healthy and the best places are to get them on Maui. If you missed last months featured fruit of the month click here to learn more about Mango.

What is Soursop:
Soursop aka Graviola, Guyabano, or Guanábana, thrives in warm humid locations within USDA zone 10, making parts of the Hawaiian Islands ideal for growing this delicious fast growing super-food.

Where to get Soursop:
Specialty grocery stores or farmers markets often have this fruit.  Do you or a friend have a soursop tree?  Since the fruit is so large it is great for sharing.  Soursop makes a great healthy gift. They grow so large it may not be possible to eat an entire one by yourself. Canned juice is also available but may contain added sugars or other chemicals. It is also being sold in the refrigerator section of some grocery stores as a meat replacement.


When to Harvest Soursop:
The soursop tree can grow up to 20 feet tall in the right environment and will be half as wide. Harvest in Hawaii is between June and October.  The fruit can grow quite large almost 12 inches in length weighing close to 10 lbs. When ready to be harvested and eaten the skin will yield slightly to pressure.  It must be said that the size of the fruit is not an indicator of when it is ready. It has been my experience that size of the fruit is based on the conditions of the soil and the weather and not based on the time spent on the tree. Read more »

Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month – Jackfruit

Welcome to Conscious Maui’s Fruit of the Month. This is where we describe some of the fascinating fruits that can be encountered when exploring around the island. We will cover how to identify it and how to eat it. This month let’s read a bit about the giant humongous Jackfruit! 

If you missed last months featured fruit of the month click here to learn more about Mountain Apple.

What is Jackfruit:
Jackfruit, native to southwest India, is the fruit of the month. Jackfruit aka Jack tree is in the fig, mulberry and bread fruit family of trees.

Where to get Jackfruit:
Farmer’s markets, grocery stores or road side fruit stands in Hawaii or other tropical places. Canned jackfruit can now be found on-line or grocery stores. Check the refrigerator of your grocery store, it might be there with the vegan cheese or plant based “meat” selection.

When to Harvest Jackfruit:
In Hawaii, August through December is when fresh Jackfruit will become available.
Grown from seed the tree has been seen trying to bear fruit in as little at 3 – 4 years. Grafted trees will bear fruit in 2 -3 years. A mature Jackfruit tree is capable of producing up to 200 fruits in a single year. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but taking into consideration the size of a single jackfruit I assure you this tree can fill many bellies. The Jackfruit is the largest of the tree-borne fruit. A single fruit can weigh up to 120 lbs or 55 kilos. Typically the fruit grown in Hawaii weighs in between 20-35 lbs. Read more »

Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month – Mountain Apple, Ohi’a ‘ai

Welcome to Conscious Maui’s fruit of the month blog for July 2019 – This month we are featuring the Mountain Apple, also known as Ohi’a ‘ai in Hawaiian. Last month we shined the spotlight on Lychee, the favorite of many! If you missed it, click here to learn more about the flowery fabulous lychee fruit!

Let’s get back to the Mountain Apple, shall we?

What is the Mountain Apple:
Mountain Apple aka Malay Apple in other parts of the pacific, the Hawaiian word for this abundant fruit is Ohi’a ‘ai. Colors of this fruit range from red to pink and have a shape that is similar to a petite pear. They have a nice lightly sweet delicate flavor and when bitten into the give a bit of a crunch. The seeds are not to be eaten and should be planted, with a little care they will sprout within a short time.

Where to get Mountain Apples:
When in season this fruit should be easy to find. The farmers market may have Mountain Apples, otherwise you or someone you know will have one of these beautiful trees in the yard. You may come across mountain apples in one of our road side honor bins. Since they are one of the more fragile fruits with their thinner than paper skins it is unlikely that a grocery store would have them. They don’t hold up to handling. If you like them, plant one in your garden right away. After all, planting a tree today offers hope for tomorrow! Read more »

Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month – Lychee

Welcome to Conscious Maui’s latest “Fruit of the Month” Blog.  In May this blog covered the Ice Cream Bean, if you missed it click here to go back. Continue reading to learn more about the exotic lychee, where to find them and what to do with them once you do! Lychee is a great conversation starter, so many people have never tried lychee, share a lychee with a friend this season.

What is Lychee:
Lychee aka Litchi is a small sweet tropical fruit native to southern China. This tree grows very well on the Hawaiian islands it just needs to be planted.

Read more »

Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month – Lilikoi

Welcome to our third blog in the “Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month” series. If you missed the post about…

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The Fizzy Fermented Tea – Kombucha

On Maui, Kombucha is more than just a beverage.  It is the health tonic that has blazed a path into the social scene on Maui. We love our kombucha bars here. The health minded, spiritually woke crowd flock to their favorite kombucha bar daily! The ‘booch bar is where we come together to solve the world’s problems. There is talk about spiritual healing, composting, organic gardening, living off grid and so many other fascinating topics. You wouldn’t imagine! The people are not just here for some fizzy beverage. We are here to build community!

Let’s make sure not to get it twisted though, life on Maui is not only about getting your ‘booch buzz going. Sometimes we have other stuff to do and that is why it is helpful to brew kombucha at home for those mornings, when going to the bar doesn’t fit into the schedule. I will share with you the recipe I used to start my own kombucha SCOBY almost from scratch. “SCOBY” is an acronym: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. It looks similar to a mushroom floating on the top of the tea and is often called the mother. As the SCOBY or mother grows, it replicates itself and this is the “baby.” You may have a friend looking to give away some Scoby babies this will save you about a month and a half of growing your own SCOBY. Read more »

11 Ways to Environmentally Protect the Island of Maui

Our island is a place we love, it is our home or our place to vacation. Here are some activities that can be done to protect the beauty of the island and the quality of life for all that thrive here. We need to make a conscious effort to reduce our waste and increase our quality of life to keep Maui sustainable.

#1 Start a Garden

Plant more trees, put seeds in the soil and watch them grow. Ever wonder why a mango is $6 at the grocery store? It’s because not enough seeds were allowed to grow. If we plant more seeds today in just a few years we will solve this $6 mango problem. We can grow just about everything here and today is a great day to start.

#2 Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

REDUCE – Only buy products in plastic if there are no other options and there are almost always other options.

REUSE – When you do get stuck becoming the owner of some unwanted container find other ways to use it. Either for storage or starting a plant from seed.

RECYCLE – When the item has been used to its full potential clean it up and take it to be recycled.

#3 Pick it up

See something in nature that doesn’t belong there, be part of the awake crowd, pick it up and dispose of it properly. Others will take notice!

#4 When taking prepared food home

Bring your own doggie bag or take out container when dining out. It is always safer to place hot food into a glass or stainless food container than some leaky single use container anyway.

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Where Conscious People Find Healthy Food on Maui

Maui is abundant with people living sustainably. This is one of the most comfortable and beautiful places to immerse yourself in nature; it’s not too cold, not too hot and we have many amazing nutrient dense foods growing here because of our fortunate weather and diverse climate zones.

For Maui visitors – buying fresh local food and eating out at suggested restaurants, vendors and food truck’s will give you the “real” Maui experience. Chain restaurants and hotel food might appear to be the “easy” choice – but you didn’t come all this way to eat food you can get anywhere. Go explore, have an adventure, eat fresh – eat local! Enjoy Maui.

For Maui residents – eating and buying local helps our island become sustainable, it decreases the dependence on mainland products. It helps grow our local economy and it simply tastes better. It’s a win-win-win better food for you, better for our local businesses and better for a sustainable Maui.

Below are some of our local businesses that make looking good and living well on this island easy.

1. Mana Foods –
A great healthy food market based in the center of Paia town.  With a hot food bar, bakery and smoothie bar you get food on the go or grocery shop for all your needs.  Find parking up Baldwin in the lot next to the post office. The walk is nice.
Learn more: Mana Foods.

2. Maui Kombucha –
A fun place to get a ‘buch buzz. They sample shots to ensure you get exactly what you want! Like at the ice-cream shop but fizzy! Get the best tasting raw and vegan food here.
Learn more: Maui Kombucha

3. Upcountry Farmers Market –
Produce and so much more. Bright and early Saturday morning, all year, rain or shine! Find amazing prepared Indian food, have Reba and Devin squeeze you a fresh mason jar of Sugar Cane Juice and get the freshest produce for the week!
Learn more: Upcountry Farmers Market

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11 Ways to become a more Sustainable Business

Aloha Business Owners, Residents and Visitors – Here are 11 easy steps on how you can make a difference!

#1 Restaurants Owners – can provide metal, paper or reusable take out containers. Styrofoam is a hazard to the island and the planet. Also hot food that has been in contact with styrofoam absorbs harmful chemicals when it starts to melt and probably before melting.  Maui County has a ban on polystyrene food and beverage containers that starts on December 31, 2018.

#2 Vegetation Control – To control Cane grass and other undesired plant growth such as weeds. Dig them up, pull them, burn them if you must but please stop spraying them with herbicides. These chemicals are harmful to every living thing from the land to the deep blue sea, not just the weeds you want to kill are being affected.

#3 Health Care and Wellness Service Providers – Use organic cruelty free, fair trade, sustainably harvested products with your clients. The wellness industry is a huge business with enormous profits, it is important to take care of those that help you take care of others.

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Happy Thanksgiving from

All of us at wanted to pause and communicate our sincere gratitude. THANK YOU for allowing us to work…

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