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We recycled, now what?

Do you ever question whether or not the items taken to the recycling locations are actually being recycled. Here is something that needs to be known. If a recyclable container has any food residue on it or in it – It will not be recycled, it will be discarded and taken to the landfill.

Maui County Residential Recycling Center Guidelines – What is accepted.

1. PLASTIC CONTAINERS – Plastic #1 and #2 only.
-NO Food residue
-NO Toys
-NO Styrofoam
-NO plastic Bags

Plastic #1 Polyethylene terephthalate aka PETE or PET. This is what the majority of disposable beverage and food containers are made from, it is somewhat porous and will take on odors or flavors, making it not an ideal container to be reused. When this type of plastic is heated it can cause carcinogens to leach into your liquids. So don’t leave your water bottles in the car on a warm day.

Plastic #2 High Density polyethylene aka HDPE. This is what many milk jugs, detergent bottles and butter tubs are made from. Their color is opaque and it is said that this type of plastic is less likely to leach chemicals into contents that #1 plastic.

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Tips for Being Mindful of Nature and Others While Visiting Maui

One thing is for sure practicing mindfulness makes us all feel better. There are so many ways to be mindful. We can be mindful of nature, the safety of animals, the health of our environment and of course we can all be considerate and mindful of one another. We are all deserving of respect and mindfulness. No one is better than anyone else we are all here together so let’s make the best of it.  Here are a few ways to take care of the land, nature and each other on Maui.

1. Stay on the trails. This is for your safety and the protection of nature. Many of the trails on Maui are very challenging on their own. Our mud is thick and slippery so wear good hiking shoes, take a good look at those shoes and know they will never look the same after they get stained with Maui mud. Hiking poles may also be your friend when adventuring here.

2. Keep your vehicle on the road. Unless pulling over for emergency vehicles or to allow faster traffic to go by. Let’s keep the cars on the road in order to protect natural habitat and plant life.

3. Take ownership of your garbage – Take your trash with you. If it can be carried in, it can be carried out. Isn’t it nice to experience a pristine natural view? When going on adventures around the island you may see something that was accidentally dropped by someone ahead of you. GO ahead and pick it up because somewhere along the way you have also accidentally left something behind that had to be disposed of by another.

4. Respect Animals – Observe wild animals from a distance as to not upset or disturb them. The Hawaiian Monk seal may look like a harmless creature but it can inflict quite a nasty bite if it feels threatened. Our beach is the seal’s bedroom, this is where they come to sleep, so if you come across a resting seal move away quietly. NOAA, The National Oceanic Atmospheric Association, recommends maintaining a distance of 150 feet away from the seals.

5. Show love for plants and trees. Plants and trees have feelings too. Please refrain from carving your name, initials or anything else into the trees and bamboo. Imagine how much lovelier it would be if this were to stop.

6. Shop with reusable cloth bags – never settle for single use plastic. Many stores on Maui sell these amazing souvenir shopping bags. And the reusable nature of Read more »