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Does the Smallest Snake Species on Earth Live on Maui?

Yesterday we covered the news story about the boa constrictor that was recently found on Oahu.  Many people say there are no snakes in Hawaii and I don’t mean to split hairs but technically there are, and there have been for some time. I know this to be true because I have personally encountered them.  Also, the Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC) considers them harmless.  “Brahminy blind snakes do not pose a great threat to our islands but if you ever come across any other type of snake, call 911 immediately.” says a MISC newsletter.

One day while gardening in Haiku a few years ago, I came across a tiny creature that I was told did not exist in Hawaii, a snake! The tiny snake I found is called the Brahminy Blind snake (Indotyphlops braminus). At a quick glance it looks much like an earthworm and it is found in the same kind of places that earthworms like to live.  But, if you look really close at this tiny animal you can see that it has a little tongue that flicks out to taste the air. It also has teeny tiny little scales. Sometimes silvery grey or lavender in color this little snake is quite harmless unless of course you are an ant or termite… and then you are food. Read more »

The Vanilla Bee and Vanilla in Maui & Hawaii

Vanilla is an orchid, native to Mexico and Guatemala. Vanilla does not come from a tree it is a long vine that grows up into trees. The vanilla orchid produces a pale yellow flower, with a mild fragrance that does not smell like vanilla. This vanilla flower opens only once for a few hours before closing and falling off the vine. Orchids can not pollinate themselves. If the flower is not pollinated before closing it will never produce a vanilla bean.

Vanilla is pollinated one of two ways, either by human with is a very laborious and tedious task or by a bee, the Melipona bee, specifically. This is a true bee, it is very small and does not sting. This bee does not exist on Maui. Yet, we still grow a fair amount of Vanilla beans here. Read more »

Beach Buddies- Take a Rescue Dog Out for the Day!

Frequently when I am out walking my rescue pup at the beach visitors will comment to me how cute she is and how much they miss their pets they left at home. I always let them know that our Maui Humane Society has a program where you can take a dog that is up for adoption out for the day.

Beach Buddies is a wonderful program that provides all you need (treats, leash, bowl etc.) to take a furry friend to the beach with you or hiking or wherever you want to go. It helps the dogs greatly by providing exercise, an opportunity to socialize and being seen by a potential forever family. It provides the companionship and fun that visitors miss when they are away from their own fur babies.

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