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Moving Through Anger with Heart Path Journey’s Retreat Practitioners

Everyone has anger at some point or another.  It is actually an indicator that we care about something.  Please enjoy…

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Protect the Ocean’s Reef by Using “Reef Safe Sunscreen”

What do you know about REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN? The American Cancer Society has been telling us for decades that in…

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11 Ways to Make the Home a Zen Sanctuary

Here are 11 ways to create a peaceful, inviting home. A little bit of effort goes a long way. Maintaining your home does not have to take over your life. By picking up as you go you will actually have more free time to explore the island and spend time creating or hanging out with friends and family.

1. Kitchen – Clean the kitchen after every meal or snack. Dishes are easier to clean before the food residue is allowed to dry onto the plate. It has to be done, might as well get it done straight away rather than procrastinate and suffer the angst of having to look at a mess.

2. Baking – Keeping the kitchen organized, consider keeping all baking supplies and spices together in a airtight containers. This will keep the ingredients fresh and away from the many critters we share the island. Read more »

How to Live A Fuller Life with Less Stuff

Sell, Donate, or Dispose of items that steal your joy. Only allow items to remain in your home if they beautify the space, serve a purpose or bring happiness. Everything else is excess. We do not need a junk drawer. If you want a place to put your junk, it is called the trash. Free yourself of old bread ties, old keys and decorations that have been enjoyed beyond prettiness. If your decorative items can not be made pretty again, because of a lack of time or desire – give them away.

Don’t buy what they are selling – Keep your money; prevent the accumulation of junk by not buying it in the first place. If there is something you need to buy, choose carefully and purchase a quality item, one that will serve you for years to come. Otherwise consider buying second hand if it is something you will only use occasionally. Before taking an item home, be sure there is a place for it to be stored.

Rethink impulse purchases – just because it is in your cart does not mean it has to go home with you. If it does accidentally end up at home and you are experiencing buyers remorse, return the item to the store.

Free gifts – There is no obligation to accept a free gift. And for the love of all things minimalist, just say no to good deals on something that you don’t need. This is where I get into trouble. Particularly at craft supply stores. Crafty people know what I mean! Do you really want to take up macrame or make a latch hook rug or are you just being tempted by the 90% off price tag. Be honest with yourself!

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A Therapeutic Way to a Wonderfully Scented Home

Our brains associate smells with memories. We can be attracted to smells or repulsed by them and it may have little to do with the actual scent and everything to do with the memory tied to the scent. My favorite flower is the plumeria because each time I smell one I am taken back to 1997, when I was first introduced to Maui.

Many stores and restaurants can attribute a successful business to offering up an irresistible scent to lure us in. Like a bee to a flower I have a hard time walking past a coffee shop without stopping for an impulsive unscheduled cup of joe. I can hardly drive by Maui Coffee Roasters without stopping.

There are many artificial scents on the market that come in many shapes and forms. I used to love Yankee Candle wax melts. I took great pride in my collection. I was often getting compliments on the way my home smelled. But I was getting headaches, at that time it may or may not have been the way my home smelled that was making me feel bad. But when I switched from Yankee Candle to essential oils, at the suggestion on a good friend, the headaches stopped.

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Cleaning Supplies Can Do Their Job Without Being a Health Hazard!

When did we as humans become so obsessed with killing every germ, every microbe and all of the bacteria? Is this battle against what we can not see making us healthier or are we doing more harm than good? If a cleaning chemical obliterates the germs or bacteria that MIGHT make us a little bit ill BUT that very same cleaning product is poisoning you – Is it worth it?

There are many recipes on-line available for anyone interested in making their own cleaning products from a combination of simple ingredients. In the future I will test out some of the cleaning recipes and report back. For now I can say that Dr. Bronner’s makes great products. We use Dr. Bronner’s soap on our bodies and to clean the shower. I add a about a tablespoon of Dr. Bronner’s to the laundry with an environmentally friendly laundry soap. We use Seventh Generation, ECOS, and Mrs Meyer’s products too. And that’s about it.

Our house is clean and we don’t suffer from headaches or allergies. We diffuse top quality essential oils if we want our home to smell a certain way. We also use certain essential oils for cleaning. Lemon essential oil is great for removing glue residue left behind when removing the label from glass jars. Oh here’s a helpful tip… Essential oils break down plastic so if you are going to use them in any home made cleaning recipes make sure to use glass bottles and a sprayer that is made to handle essential oils otherwise the sprayer will only last about 1 day, this is what I have had to learn the hard way. Read more »

Quick and Easy Magical Face and Body Scrub that happens to be tasty too – Just in Case

Sometimes working in the garden can get pretty muddy here on Maui. This is a quick, invigorating way to get…

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The Fizzy Fermented Tea – Kombucha

On Maui, Kombucha is more than just a beverage.  It is the health tonic that has blazed a path into the social scene on Maui. We love our kombucha bars here. The health minded, spiritually woke crowd flock to their favorite kombucha bar daily! The ‘booch bar is where we come together to solve the world’s problems. There is talk about spiritual healing, composting, organic gardening, living off grid and so many other fascinating topics. You wouldn’t imagine! The people are not just here for some fizzy beverage. We are here to build community!

Let’s make sure not to get it twisted though, life on Maui is not only about getting your ‘booch buzz going. Sometimes we have other stuff to do and that is why it is helpful to brew kombucha at home for those mornings, when going to the bar doesn’t fit into the schedule. I will share with you the recipe I used to start my own kombucha SCOBY almost from scratch. “SCOBY” is an acronym: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. It looks similar to a mushroom floating on the top of the tea and is often called the mother. As the SCOBY or mother grows, it replicates itself and this is the “baby.” You may have a friend looking to give away some Scoby babies this will save you about a month and a half of growing your own SCOBY. Read more »

Feeling Amazing Maui Style

A big part of living in tune with the planet is taking care of your own body, this body is…

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Welcome to

Aloha, Thank you for checking out our website. was created out of the desire to share all the wonderful…

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