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Maui’s Surf History- Hang Loose Surf Club

Hang Loose Surf Club is Maui’s most authentically Hawaiian local surf school. Located in historic Lahaina across from the Banyan…

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Heart Path Journeys- Eve Hogan interviews Hoku

Enjoy a conversation with Eve Hogan, owner of Heart Path Journeys, and intuitive energy practitioner Hoku.  This interview shares about…

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Consuming is Easy, Creating Requires Effort

In today’s world there are many great ways to passively consume content. By this I mean, to observe or take in the the creations of others. We do this by watching videos, listening to music, getting lost in Pinterest, casually gazing at the variety of topics that show up on the facebook feed, going to an art gallery, the ways are countless really. We could talk about types of available creative content all day long.

Consuming the content of others can evoke inspiration. Is it enough to feel inspired? Inspiration without action does not really serve humanity in the long run.

Look at Elon Musk; he has a constant pipeline of ideas coming into his mind at all times. It would be difficult for him to bring every idea into reality but he is giving it a go! If he had not taken action on these inspirations there would be no Tesla Cars, no Space X, and no Boring Company (or any of the other accomplishments Elon Musk has under his belt). Since this post is not a tribute to Elon, I will not list any more of the many inspirations on which he and his teams have taken radical action.

Positive changes or solutions require not only ideas but action, that’s the point! We can all take actions that will make the future better for all of humanity. Here are a 3 practices we can use to turn ideas into reality:


1. Co-Creation – All of humanity benefits from co-creation, or sharing of ideas and experiences. Co-creation happens when we share our strengths and passions with other people wanting to achieve a similar goal. Together we can create something that makes life worth living, rather than constantly trying to solve a problem we can do something just to bring joy to others. Read more »

Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month for April – Papaya

Welcome to our “Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month” Blog series.  Hawaii is an amazing place to have an adventure. Wherever we go and whatever we do there is always a first time and a first impression. Experiencing new foods is no exception. There is some pretty unique looking fruit available on the islands, I encourage you to explore the fun and exciting realm of exotic fruit. This blog is new to 2019, to learn more about last month’s featured fruit, Lilikoi, click here.

The first time I had papaya I was very young, and to me it tasted terrible. Years later I tried it again and meh. I didn’t love it but knowing it was healthy – I ate it.  Then, I got to Hawaii and re-discovered Papaya to be one of my favorites. The point I am making is that our taste buds change and no two fruits, even from the same tree, taste exactly the same.  As far as knowing what to expect, know this,  papaya can be pretty inconsistent. Please let me share some of what I have learned about papaya.

What is Papaya:
Papaya fruits vary greatly in shape, size, and flavor. They can be round or oblong and weigh between 1/4 pound and 12 pounds.

Where to get Papaya:
Farmers Markets, Roadside fruit stands, Grocery stores, Neighbors or in your own yard.

When to Harvest Papaya:
Papaya is a fast growing plant that is easily grown from seed. Some varieties will reach 30’ in height and provide fruit in as soon as 6 months. One plant will produce almost year round for up to 3 years at which time the plant will become so tall that harvesting will no longer be convenient. For this reason it is important to continue planting those seeds in order to maintain a consistent rotation of delicious papayas.

How to eat Papaya:
The papaya should be firm and give slightly to pressure. Cut the papaya in half long ways. Scoop the seeds out. You can eat the seeds, they have a peppery flavor and are great for digestion. The papaya can be eaten with a spoon using the skin as a bowl or peeled and cut into slices or chunks. Compost the skin, and eat, blend or plant the seeds. Enjoyable blended in smoothies or on its own.

There are several varieties of papaya and often even 2 papaya from the same tree will taste different. This is one of those foods that may need to be tried and tried again because you never know what you are going to get.  If your papaya tastes a little to flowery, squeeze some lime juice over the fruit.  Mmmm, delicious! Read more »

3 Reasons to Shop a Local Maui Farmer’s Market.

Whether you live on Maui or are here on vacation the farmer’s market is something worth exploring. If you come to Maui for vacation be sure to include the farmer’s market as a must do activity, especially if you are a foodie like me. Not sure? Read on, give me a chance to convince you that there is a reason the farmer’s market is the place the locals really go.

1. No Carbon Footprint – Almost no fossil fuels are used in transportation of local produce to the farmer’s market. Maui is about 2,400 miles from the Mainland. Fuel consumption for food to travel by air cargo from the Mainland to Maui creates an obscene carbon footprint compared to the 15 minute drive from Kula to Pukalani in a van or pick-up truck.

No packaging! If produce is needing to be bundled, take kale or chard for example, some of the Maui farmers use the biodegradable stringy material from a banana tree to create bundles. Brilliant! Bring your own basket or bag. In fact, bring more bags than you think you will need. I often have to make two trips back and forth to my car because I find so many amazing things to try. And I have a family of only two! Read more »

11 Ways to Make the Home a Zen Sanctuary

Here are 11 ways to create a peaceful, inviting home. A little bit of effort goes a long way. Maintaining your home does not have to take over your life. By picking up as you go you will actually have more free time to explore the island and spend time creating or hanging out with friends and family.

1. Kitchen – Clean the kitchen after every meal or snack. Dishes are easier to clean before the food residue is allowed to dry onto the plate. It has to be done, might as well get it done straight away rather than procrastinate and suffer the angst of having to look at a mess.

2. Baking – Keeping the kitchen organized, consider keeping all baking supplies and spices together in a airtight containers. This will keep the ingredients fresh and away from the many critters we share the island. Read more »

How to Live A Fuller Life with Less Stuff

Sell, Donate, or Dispose of items that steal your joy. Only allow items to remain in your home if they beautify the space, serve a purpose or bring happiness. Everything else is excess. We do not need a junk drawer. If you want a place to put your junk, it is called the trash. Free yourself of old bread ties, old keys and decorations that have been enjoyed beyond prettiness. If your decorative items can not be made pretty again, because of a lack of time or desire – give them away.

Don’t buy what they are selling – Keep your money; prevent the accumulation of junk by not buying it in the first place. If there is something you need to buy, choose carefully and purchase a quality item, one that will serve you for years to come. Otherwise consider buying second hand if it is something you will only use occasionally. Before taking an item home, be sure there is a place for it to be stored.

Rethink impulse purchases – just because it is in your cart does not mean it has to go home with you. If it does accidentally end up at home and you are experiencing buyers remorse, return the item to the store.

Free gifts – There is no obligation to accept a free gift. And for the love of all things minimalist, just say no to good deals on something that you don’t need. This is where I get into trouble. Particularly at craft supply stores. Crafty people know what I mean! Do you really want to take up macrame or make a latch hook rug or are you just being tempted by the 90% off price tag. Be honest with yourself!

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A Therapeutic Way to a Wonderfully Scented Home

Our brains associate smells with memories. We can be attracted to smells or repulsed by them and it may have little to do with the actual scent and everything to do with the memory tied to the scent. My favorite flower is the plumeria because each time I smell one I am taken back to 1997, when I was first introduced to Maui.

Many stores and restaurants can attribute a successful business to offering up an irresistible scent to lure us in. Like a bee to a flower I have a hard time walking past a coffee shop without stopping for an impulsive unscheduled cup of joe. I can hardly drive by Maui Coffee Roasters without stopping.

There are many artificial scents on the market that come in many shapes and forms. I used to love Yankee Candle wax melts. I took great pride in my collection. I was often getting compliments on the way my home smelled. But I was getting headaches, at that time it may or may not have been the way my home smelled that was making me feel bad. But when I switched from Yankee Candle to essential oils, at the suggestion on a good friend, the headaches stopped.

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Composting Saves the Day!

Fruits and vegetables are only as good as the soil in which they grow. Back in the old days the soil contained more minerals and nutrients. Plants don’t create their own nutrients, they take it from the soil. Eventually the soil runs low of nutrients, that is why it is so important to put organic nutrients back into the soil. Composting is especially beneficial when farming on land that is repeatedly being used to grow food crops.

Most households generate a generous amount of compost every day. The kitchen produces an abundance of Coffee Grounds, Tea grounds, Egg Shells, Banana Peels and many other fruit and veggie scraps. When deciding to compost you can make it as complicated or as simple as you want. For the sake of this blog I will share three of the simplest ways that I know.

1. Dig a hole and throw it in. Either cover the hole with dirt or an upside down trash can to keep critters and pets out of it.

2. Start a pile. The beginning of the pile can be grass clippings, small sticks and twigs and then garden waste. If you want to make better but more complicated compost, add some dirt from the yard to the pile. This way is likely to attract rats so keep this away from your home. In the spirit of being a good neighbor, this is not an option unless you live on a couple of acres.

3. Make a large compost basket. This can be done by building a frame on top of a pallet. and wrapping the frame with a wire mesh. Chicken wire works and is a more affordable option as opposed to a hardware cloth. Read more »

The Ultimate Answers to Planning a Maui Vacation

Over the years people wanting to visit Hawaii have come to me to get their questions answered. This blog post covers the most frequently asked questions. These are obviously not all of the choices.

Every possible scenario can not be covered in a single blog post. There are many variables to consider. For example, you may want to stay in a yurt in the jungle, if so let’s be friends! haha.

You may want to stay for a week or 6 months. You could be coming from the mainland US or from a land farther away.

Do you want to surf, bike, hike or stay at the hotel pool and thaw out or cool off?

You may want luxury or a more affordable vacay.  I just went down the middle of the road with parts of this blog. I hope you enjoy it.

Maui gets the least rain summer, unless you are looking rain and then Winter is better. More rain means more rainbows and more spectacular waterfalls. It never gets too hot or too cold. However, when exploring the summit of Haleakalā at 10,023 feet above sea level, it is varying degrees of cold depending on the time of the year and time of day. Dress warm. This winter 2019 Haleakala got lots of snow. Read more »

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