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Thank you for checking out our website.  ConsciousMaui.com was created out of the desire to share all the wonderful ways our local businesses help support Maui in sustainability.

Living on an island there is a need to be conscious of how we are living.  From how we treat the land and water to how we treat ourselves and other people, there are choices that support living in a sustainable way.

Our intention is to support you, our local conscious businesses and be a platform for sustainability on Maui.

We hope that you find options for activities, events, products and services that will fulfill on every level.  Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, you can impact Maui by making sustainable choices.

We hope you enjoy our site!


Your Conscious Maui Team

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Beach Buddies- Take a Rescue Dog Out for the Day!

Frequently when I am out walking my rescue pup at the beach visitors will comment to me how cute she is and how much they miss their pets they left at home. I always let them know that our Maui Humane Society has a program where you can take a dog that is up for adoption out for the day.

Beach Buddies is a wonderful program that provides all you need (treats, leash, bowl etc.) to take a furry friend to the beach with you or hiking or wherever you want to go. It helps the dogs greatly by providing exercise, an opportunity to socialize and being seen by a potential forever family. It provides the companionship and fun that visitors miss when they are away from their own fur babies.

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11 Ways to Environmentally Protect the Island of Maui

Our island is a place we love, it is our home or our place to vacation. Here are some activities that can be done to protect the beauty of the island and the quality of life for all that thrive here. We need to make a conscious effort to reduce our waste and increase our quality of life to keep Maui sustainable.

#1 Start a Garden

Plant more trees, put seeds in the soil and watch them grow. Ever wonder why a mango is $6 at the grocery store? It’s because not enough seeds were allowed to grow. If we plant more seeds today in just a few years we will solve this $6 mango problem. We can grow just about everything here and today is a great day to start.

#2 Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

REDUCE – Only buy products in plastic if there are no other options and there are almost always other options.

REUSE – When you do get stuck becoming the owner of some unwanted container find other ways to use it. Either for storage or starting a plant from seed.

RECYCLE – When the item has been used to its full potential clean it up and take it to be recycled.

#3 Pick it up

See something in nature that doesn’t belong there, be part of the awake crowd, pick it up and dispose of it properly. Others will take notice!

#4 When taking prepared food home

Bring your own doggie bag or take out container when dining out. It is always safer to place hot food into a glass or stainless food container than some leaky single use container anyway.

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Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month for January – Egg Fruit

Welcome to our new blog series called “Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month“. At the beginning of each month we will introduce a new fruit. We will tell you where to get it, how to grow and harvest your own and of course how to eat it and why it is good for you.

This month we take a look at “Egg Fruit“.

Egg-Fruit-Conscious-Maui-Hawaii-Groceries-VeganWhat is Egg Fruit:
Egg Fruit aka Canistel or Yellow Sapote in other parts of the world. This yellow- orange fruit has a sweet flavor with a texture similar to the yolk of a boiled egg. The size and shape vary slightly. Similar to the size of an apple, Egg Fruit are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand they can be round or oval shaped.

Where to get Egg Fruit:
Farmer’s markets, a friendly neighbor with a tree, roadside fruit stands, some Maui grocery stores or most satisfyingly your own tree, if you plant a seed today you can be harvesting your own fruit within 4 years!

When to Harvest Egg Fruit:
Seedlings will produce fruit after 3 – 4 years.
An attractive tree which will reach 20 feet high and about 15’ wide.


Egg Fruit trees bear fruit in the months of September, October, November and December.

How to eat Egg Fruit:
Raw or cooked. Can be baked into pies or puddings also a delicious addition to smoothies.

Why Egg Fruit is healthy:
Nutrition rich, high in carotene (like other orange colored fruits and vegetable). Eating egg fruit is beneficial to our vision, supporting healthy eyes. Also, a good source of Niacin, a booster of brain function and supporter of good cardiac health. Egg Fruit is rich in fiber and vitamin C.

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Foam Free Maui!

Maui County has legislated a ban on polystyrene products effective Dec. 31, 2018. In an effort to be more sustainable and healthier for people, animals and our island home; the use, sale and provision of polystyrene products are prohibited. This includes food-service containers so our restaurants will now offer more eco-friendly options.

Polystyrene has been estimated as up to 80% of our marine debris. It is particularly troubling because polystyrene contains toxins that are potentially hazardous to humans and harmful or fatal to animals. It is also known when the polystyrene breaks down it emits methane and ethylene; major contributors to global warming.

We are excited that our Maui legislators are looking out for the future of our island home and preparing for a more sustainable future for generations to come.

The tag line for this campaign is, “We Can Live Without It.” It is a very helpful perspective that leads us to ask the question, “What else can we live without to support sustainability?” We look forward to finding and providing options for this question.  Check out our Maui businesses that have found ways to be Eco-friendly and Sustainable Here.

For more information on the polystyrene ban go to Maui County website: https://www.mauicounty.gov/2282/Foam-Free-Maui-County


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Mele Kalikimaka from ConsciousMaui.com

Mele Kalikimaka and Happy New Year from Hoku and the ConsciousMaui.com team!

We truly appreciate our community and visitors and really enjoy meeting and getting to know you.

If you haven’t already dropped us an email or commented on social media, please do – we’d love to meet you!

Wishing you so much joy, peace, love and Aloha through the holiday season and throughout the new year!

Have a wonderful holiday!

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Where Conscious People Find Healthy Food on Maui

Maui is abundant with people living sustainably. This is one of the most comfortable and beautiful places to immerse yourself in nature; it’s not too cold, not too hot and we have many amazing nutrient dense foods growing here because of our fortunate weather and diverse climate zones.

For Maui visitors – buying fresh local food and eating out at ConsciousMaui.com suggested restaurants, vendors and food truck’s will give you the “real” Maui experience. Chain restaurants and hotel food might appear to be the “easy” choice – but you didn’t come all this way to eat food you can get anywhere. Go explore, have an adventure, eat fresh – eat local! Enjoy Maui.

For Maui residents – eating and buying local helps our island become sustainable, it decreases the dependence on mainland products. It helps grow our local economy and it simply tastes better. It’s a win-win-win better food for you, better for our local businesses and better for a sustainable Maui.

Below are some of our local businesses that make looking good and living well on this island easy.

1. Mana Foods –
A great healthy food market based in the center of Paia town.  With a hot food bar, bakery and smoothie bar you get food on the go or grocery shop for all your needs.  Find parking up Baldwin in the lot next to the post office. The walk is nice.
Learn more: Mana Foods.

2. Maui Kombucha –
A fun place to get a ‘buch buzz. They sample shots to ensure you get exactly what you want! Like at the ice-cream shop but fizzy! Get the best tasting raw and vegan food here.
Learn more: Maui Kombucha

3. Upcountry Farmers Market –
Produce and so much more. Bright and early Saturday morning, all year, rain or shine! Find amazing prepared Indian food, have Reba and Devin squeeze you a fresh mason jar of Sugar Cane Juice and get the freshest produce for the week!
Learn more: Upcountry Farmers Market

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Honoring Maui’s Wildlife – Let Maui Turtles Rest

Shhh! Quiet Please.

When sea turtles (honu) come out of the water it is almost always because they need to rest. Think of the beach as their bedroom then proceed with the same consideration you would appreciate while you are resting. Keep your distance, the Department of Land and Natural Resources recommends about 10ft/3m away, never push a turtle back into the water and do not feed them. It is okay to take photos quietly from a distance.

In the water sea turtles can be naturally curious and may come closer to you.  Again, keep a safe distance as much as possible and do not chase or touch them.  Be mindful while participating in water activities, whether snorkeling, kayaking or any other ocean sport, we are in their living space.

Sea Turtles are protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act and wildlife laws of the State of Hawaii. All sea turtles, dead or alive, are protected by law.  Harming, harassing or disturbing turtles is prohibited.  Touching or feeding turtles is considered a disturbance and therefore illegal.  Hefty fines can be assessed for violations.

A resting turtle will lay quite still, it may seem as though the turtle is not breathing, this is normal. If you see a turtle belly up, this is not normal, turtles do not rest on their backs. If a turtle has not moved for two days, is bleeding or has something attached to it that doesn’t belong to them, please contact the number at the bottom of this article. For your health and the safety of the sea turtle it is advised that you contact someone that is trained to respond to the needs of these beautiful beings.

Unfortunately, many turtles can be seen with large tumors, this is not normal but it is sadly way too common. These turtles are unhealthy and again are to be respected and observed from a distance.

Ho’okipa Beach is a wonderful place to see an abundance of sea turtles.  The east end of the beach is a popular basking place for them.  Volunteers for Hawaii Wildlife Fund monitor this location and can help inform you about safe practices and the current condition of Hawaii’s turtle population.  Maui counts on the support of volunteers and all residents and visitors to support our endangered species.  Honoring our wildlife, land and ocean is a very integral part of being sustainable on Maui.

If you see a turtle in need of assistance, please call the NOAA Hawai’i Statewide Reporting Hotline at 888-256-9840. This number is also used to report stranded, injured, entangled or dead, Monk Seals, Dolphins and Whales.

For more information from the Department of Land and Natural Resources click Here.

To learn more about volunteering with or supporting Hawaii Wildlife Fund click Here.

For additional opportunities to volunteer or donate to Maui’s non profits click Here.


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11 Ways to become a more Sustainable Business

Aloha Business Owners, Residents and Visitors – Here are 11 easy steps on how you can make a difference!

#1 Restaurants Owners – can provide metal, paper or reusable take out containers. Styrofoam is a hazard to the island and the planet. Also hot food that has been in contact with styrofoam absorbs harmful chemicals when it starts to melt and probably before melting.  Maui County has a ban on polystyrene food and beverage containers that starts on December 31, 2018.

#2 Vegetation Control – To control Cane grass and other undesired plant growth such as weeds. Dig them up, pull them, burn them if you must but please stop spraying them with herbicides. These chemicals are harmful to every living thing from the land to the deep blue sea, not just the weeds you want to kill are being affected.

#3 Health Care and Wellness Service Providers – Use organic cruelty free, fair trade, sustainably harvested products with your clients. The wellness industry is a huge business with enormous profits, it is important to take care of those that help you take care of others.

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Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project- Preserving & Protecting Maui’s Rare Birds

Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project is dedicated to recovering Maui’s endangered birds and to restore their habitats. With some of the rarest birds in the world being impacted by environmental effect, this Maui based non profit serves to protect and revive species through research, development, and application of conservation techniques.

A rare opportunity to visit the Maui Bird Conservation Center is happening on Dec. 1st & 2nd, 2018. This annual event provides a unique experience to encounter some of Hawaii’s most endangered bird species. Come and enjoy presentations, guided tours of the birds and aviaries and more.

You can support Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project by going to special events like Maui Brewing Company’s Pint Night for the Birds on Nov. 30 from 6pm-10pm. Half the pub profits from house beers sold will go towards protecting native birds on Maui.

You can also support Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project by adopting a Kiwikiu (pictured here), planting a tree, volunteering your time or donating. Whatever way you choose to help, you will be supporting the preservation of species that may otherwise be lost.

Please support this and other Maui non profits in preserving and caring for our land and animals. Mahalo!

For more information-
Pint Night for the Birds- click Here

The Maui Bird Conservation Center Open House- click Here

Adopt a Kiwikiu- click Here

Additional ways to support, donate or volunteer for Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project- click Here

Interested in volunteering for other Maui non profits?  click Here

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Dennis Kahula Jr. plays “Queens Jubilee” on his Ukulele

Dennis Kahula Jr. plays “Queens Jubilee” on his Ukulele.

The song was originally composed by Liliʻuokalani on June 20, 1887 for the 50 year Jubilee celebration of Queen Victoria held in London.

Dennis’s version of the song was recorded in Paia, Maui for the original ConsciousMaui.com intro video. By popular demand we made an edit featuring just the song.

Interesting fact – did you know that “Ukulele” roughly translates as “jumping flea” : )


If you are interested in learning how to play Ukulele please visit the ConsciousMaui.com business listing for Ukulele Mele on Maui.

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