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Thank you for checking out our website.  ConsciousMaui.com was created out of the desire to share all the wonderful ways our local businesses help support Maui in sustainability.

Living on an island there is a need to be conscious of how we are living.  From how we treat the land and water to how we treat ourselves and other people, there are choices that support living in a sustainable way.

Our intention is to support you, our local conscious businesses and be a platform for sustainability on Maui.

We hope that you find options for activities, events, products and services that will fulfill on every level.  Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, you can impact Maui by making sustainable choices.

We hope you enjoy our site!


Your Conscious Maui Team

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20/20 Hindsight / 2020 Vision

As we settle into the new year—2020 (a number that sounds a lot like science fiction to me (the older you are, the more you can relate), I can’t help but ponder the other use of the term 2020—representing visual acuity.

At this turning point, we have the opportunity to use our 20/20 hindsight to look backwards on our life’s journey with greater clarity and awareness than when we went through the process the first time through. Why would we want to reconsider what has already happened? In my observation, our ego-mind tends to label things as “good or bad” when they are happening. However, at that point in time, we don’t have all the information that we need to really make a clear assessment of the situation. Often, what we think is “bad” may not be as bad as we thought, and what we label “good” may have other elements, as well. In fact, many of the events of our lives tend to neutralize with time and perspective.

The late Wayne Dyer titled his last book “I Can See Clearly Now” and explained that looking back on his life from the vantage point of his seventies, he could see clearly now why every thing happened the way it did—the good and the difficult.

So I invite you to explore your 20/20 hindsight, and ponder those major events of life that caused you to form beliefs, assessments and attitudes. Then, see what happens if you reframe your beliefs as hypotheses instead of the truth. Changing a belief into a hypothesis allows you to open the door to consider other possible hypotheses. What else could be an explanation? What else could be the truth?

I would venture to bet that as you do this, you will start to see how many assumptions you have made, and how inaccurate many of them have been. I would also venture to guess that forming your beliefs around inaccurate assumptions has caused you pain and potential disharmony with others. Taking the time now to reframe your perspective, consider other possibilities, and form new beliefs (or better yet, new hypotheses) based on a broader viewpoint may set you (and those you are in relationship with) free from pain. You may find yourself in forgiveness, compassion and even gratitude.
A simple example of this is when we text someone and they don’t respond. Without any additional information, we tend to try to make sense of why they didn’t text us back. That is when we make up stories that often go quite askew. “He is ignoring me.” “She is with someone else.” “I’m not important to him.” etc. etc. With new information we may discover that the other person’s battery died, or they were in a meeting, or driving, or waiting to discuss the matter in person. Reacting and responding from the misguided perception can cause a lot of problems. If we take the time to look at this in retrospect, we stand the chance of learning how to avoid doing this in the present moment—and in the future.

What beliefs have you held that caused you pain?

Do you know they are actually true? Is there another belief or explanation possible?

In retrospect, is there anyone you want to forgive or ask forgiveness of?

Is there another way to view things when they happen that will set you free more quickly?

My motto (in progress) for the last few years is to “Trust Faster.” My logic is that I would rather “see clearly” the rhyme, reason and blessing right away instead of having to wait until my seventies to understand. By putting this concept to practice in the moment with things that I think are “bad,” I’m given the freedom to move more quickly into understanding—and greater freedom from suffering.

At this turning of the year, and the decade for that matter, we also have the beautiful opportunity to apply our 20/20 hindsight toward the future to develop our 20/20 vision, metaphorically speaking. To some extent, this is the ability to realize that events are not what make us happy or miserable, but rather it is the way we respond to those events that lead to those results. When we truly realize that, and choose to respond differently, we create a different experience.
20/20 vision is also an opportunity to look forward, envision the life we want to create and make steps in that direction.

What do you want your life to hold?

What are you here (in this life) to practice/master? (It is doubtful your soul incarnated to practice impatience, judgment, anger, jealousy, self-doubt—so mindfully choose instead what you ARE here to practice)

I encourage you to determine what you are aiming for (happiness, health, loving relationships, financial security, spiritual awareness) and assess every thought, belief, word and action to see if it is moving in the direction of your intended target, or leading the opposite way. Then a deep breath and the choice to realign will allow you to more powerfully be a co-creator of your vision—your life.

Written by Eve Hogan- Author, Speaker, Educator

Learn more about Eve Hogan Here

Check out Eve’s other businesses-

Heart Path Journeys– Sacred Maui retreats; personalized private customized retreats

The Sacred Garden– Public non profit garden: A nursery, a peace sanctuary, a retreat center, a botanical garden, a school, a creativity center, and a temple!

Intuitive Maui–  Magical Maui is home of some of the world’s most gifted psychic intuitives and healers.

Check out the monthly full moon labyrinth walk schedule for 2020 Here

or go to our monthly event calendar Here

Eve Hogan

Heart Path Journeys

The Sacred Garden

Intuitive Maui

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Happy Holidays!

We wish for you and your ohana a wonderful holiday season and much joy and peace for the coming new year!
From the Team at Conscious Maui

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Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month – Avocado, Pea (pay-ah)

E Komo Mai! Welcome to Conscious Maui’s final Fruit of the Month Blog of 2019, Hold on to your Sarong we are going to talk story about the Avocado! You know this one!  Hopefully, we will share some new information on ways to eat Avos, when to pick them, and how to grow them (P.S. they grow themselves here). There is even an amazing recipe for healthy chocolate mousse made with Avocado!

Last month we share some good details about choosing Guava safely.  If you missed last months featured fruit of the month be sure to check out last month’s post about Guava.

What is Avocado:
This month we shine the light on Avocado. Pea (pay-ah) in Hawaiian. There are many varieties of avocado, with a wide range in size, shape and color, yet somehow easily identified. An avo can be as small as a few ounces in size or it can weigh in at up to 3 lbs. They can be light green to blackish green and everything in between. Some avocados are shaped like a pear and some round like a ball. But consistently avos are nutritious.

Where to get Avocado:
Everywhere, avocado are readily available fresh or packaged. On Maui the grocery stores will almost always have avocados waiting for you, but they may have been unsustainably shipped here from other countries or the mainland over 2,000 miles away. Requesting local grown avocado, and other produce, helps to lessen the carbon footprint while supporting a local farmer and ensuring the freshest quality produce for you and your family.

Avocado is available frequently at the farmer’s market or roadside fruit stand. Get some from a friend or be the friend that shares the avo.

When to Harvest Avocado:
Frequently, different varieties of avocado are harvested at different times of the year here on Maui. There will be sometimes when it seems to be raining avocado, especially if you have a tree in your yard. If you can eat it all, Great! If not…SHARE. If you do not have a tree in your yard all that needs to be done to grow an avocado tree here on Maui, especially on the rainy parts of the island, is to place an avo seed outside in a place you would like a tree. If you have avocado seeds in your compost pile they will grow into a tree there whether you want them to or not.  There is no need to poke toothpicks in the seed to be able to soak half on the seed in water.  Plants want to live and thrive, just put the pit somewhere you would like a tree. And then smile because you have done a good thing!

How to eat Avocado:
Cut in Half, remove large seed and plant it. Cut a tic tac toe into the yellow-green flesh of the fruit then scoop it out as cubes. You can also peel the skin away.  Avo is great in salads, mix it with salsa to make instant guacamole, or eat it plain.  The seeds hold so much live energy they blend easily into smoothies. There is a chocolate avo mousse recipe down below too.  Great plain, or add some lemon and salt. There really is no wrong way to enjoy avocado!

Why Avocado is so healthy:
Avocado is an Incredibly Nutritious low carbohydrate fruit, packed with good fats, and contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals – Vitamin C, E, K and B-6, Riboflavin, Niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium and potassium. This cholesterol free fruit  is virtually the only  fruit containing the good fat, the heart-healthy, Monounsaturated Fat. The majority of the calories come from GOOD FAT, so eat up.  Avocados provide Lutein, Beta carotene and omega-3 fatty acids too. Any they come to you in a perfect compostable wrapper, that can be peeled off or used as a little bowl to use to eat your avo!

And did you know,  Avocado can even be turned into Chocolate pudding? Now you do! Here’s a recipe:

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Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute- Saving Honu

The Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute shares with us an uplifting story of saving an injured honu.

This past Saturday, December 7th, MOC Marine Institute’s Sea Turtle Rescue Team released Pualani, a juvenile honu named in recognition of our partners at Hawaiian Airlines.

Pualani was rescued in late November when the young turtle was found entangled in fishing line. The line was wrapped around the turtle’s neck, right front flipper, and its right hind flipper. Unfortunately, the line was deeply embedded in the front flipper resulting in severe damage and requiring surgery by our partners at NOAA Fisheries in Honolulu.

With the help of Hawaiian Air Cargo, we were able to ship Pualani to Honolulu quickly for surgery; however, due to the severity of the injury, Pualani’s flipper required amputation. The veterinary team at NOAA performed the successful surgery and in just a few weeks, Pualani was cleared for release and flown back to Maui.

Pualani has the tag ‘MA02’ on the side of her shell for identification. If you happen to come across her while snorkeling, please let us know by calling 808.286.2549 or by email at info@mocmarineinstitute.org.

All MOC Marine Institute sea turtle stranding response & rescue activities authorized under NOAA Permit: 21260.

If you are interested in supporting the activities of the MOC Marine Institute please feel free to donate or consider adopting a a sea turtle.  Each adoption certificate is unique and will share the story of a sea turtle that your donation helped rescue.  Sea Turtle Adoption Packages are $30 or $50 (pictured here) make a wonderful gift that keeps giving.  You can also volunteer your time to help support this worthy cause.

All MOC Marine Institute stranding response and rescue activities authorized under NOAA Permit: 21260.

Please watch the video of MOCMI returning injured juvenile green sea turtle to the ocean.


Make MOCMI Donations- Here

Purchase a sea turtle adoption package- Here

Volunteer for MOCMI- Here

Together, we can make a difference!  When you make a donation to MOC Marine Institute, you can ensure that every dollar is working towards advancing our mission of inspiring lifelong environmental stewardship, and ensuring the survival of coral reefs and sea turtles in Hawaiʻi.

Find other local non profits to volunteer or donate to Here.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We at ConsciousMaui.com are so grateful for our conscious community!  We have enjoyed the time we have had being with you and we thank all who have supported our community in sustainable ways.  We appreciate those businesses and people in our community doing good here on Maui.  We have loved being able to share about sustainability and supporting our island home!

We hope that you and your ohana are healthy and happy this day and through the year!

Happy Thanksgiving!


The team from ConsciousMaui.com


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Beach Cleanup App- Connecting Made Easier

When it comes to protecting and conserving our environment there are so many aspects that need to be attended to every day.  One of the ways we encourage people to get involved is by volunteering their time; and one of the fun ways to help save the environment here in Hawaii is by volunteering for a beach cleanup.  Because we have so many beaches throughout Hawaii we regularly put them on our events calendar.  Now it’s even easier to find a beach cleanup wherever you are by using a the new CleanMyBeach App.

A teen from Oahu has contributed to our community (and the world) by making this App that allows beach cleanups to be easier and more accessible.  Arjun Sharma, a high school junior, was inspired to create the app after seeing the effects of human pollution on the world and oceans.  “I have traveled to many countries and seen first hand the large amounts of trash produced by mankind everyday around the world, a great percentage of which is plastic that ends up in the ocean over time. Living in Hawaii grew in me my passion for ocean conservation. After participating in a few beach cleanups organized by the local aquarium and other organizations, I realized that there was no good way of addressing the problem at it’s source in the local community.”, Sharma explains.

It is estimated there has been 6.95 Billion tons of plastic produced worldwide.  Only 9% has been recycled and 12% incinerated (also causing potential environmental harm).  Which leave 79% ( over 5 billion tons) to go into landfills or in our natural environment.  We have talked about this in previous posts but just as a reminder; it can take up to 150 years to breakdown a plastic water bottle.  Many people don’t realize that if you do not recycle, it goes into our landfill here on Maui.

“That’s why I decided to tackle the issue by creating CleanMyBeach, an app that aggregates beach cleanups created by people across the world through visual integration with Google Maps. My hope is that the app can raise awareness about plastics and pollution in local communities, while simultaneously being effective on a global scale.”, shares Sharma.  “CleanMyBeach allows individuals and organizations alike around the world to interact with members of their local communities through public beach cleanups, increasing the scope and influence of any beach cleanups that are completed through visual integration with Google Maps. Social media integration has already been implemented in the app, allowing friends to be invited to increase the app’s impact. In the future, users will also be able to connect with platforms such as Facebook and Google to increase the ease of signing into the app. CleanMyBeach also has an educational aspect through its promotion of cleanliness, recycling and facts about ocean pollution and what can be done about it, in addition to increasing awareness on the detrimental effects of pollution on aquatic life. CleanMyBeach help in making beaches and oceans around the world cleaner, one plastic bag at a time.”, states Sharma on his website.

“CleanMyBeach serves to benefit a wide variety of people and organizations through its beach cleanups. Aside from the practical benefits of beach cleanups for the environment, ocean cleanliness, and marine animal health; beach cleanups can be a powerful tool for a community, by uniting members over a shared goal of improving the environment and their own land.”, expresses Sharma.  We agree that volunteering for beach cleanups have multiple beneficial effects; protecting our environment, connecting with one another and creating community.  In particular, Sharma hopes students will get involved.  “CleanMyBeach encourages students to volunteer their time towards playing an active role in cleanups, which are both socially and environmentally beneficial, in addition to promoting time in nature and away from electronics. Increased awareness is an additional benefit of CleanMyBeach, providing students with more knowledge on ocean pollution and how it affects aquatic life, would be one of the most compelling reasons for schools to endorse and promote the app, hopefully changing their perspective on the significance of their actions.”, says Sharma.

There is also a greater opportunity with non profit organizations to utilize this as a tool for coordinating cleanup efforts.  Sharma encourages any organizations that regularly hold beach cleanups to contact him directly to talk about partnering opportunities and discuss the impact that this application can have on your efforts.

Please support our environment by volunteering or hosting an event.  You can contact Arjun Sharma directly through his website-  https://cleanmyproject.wordpress.com/     or download the app here-  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cleanmy.myapplication

We are grateful for individuals who bring their talents to creating solutions that help us support and protect our environment.  It is wonderful that we have young people, like Arjun, contribute and make a great impact.  If we all do a little, we can do a lot!

To find out more about protecting Maui’s environment click Here

To find a beach cleanup on ConsciousMaui.com events calendar click Here

To find out more places to volunteer on Maui click Here

Please check out this short video about the CleanMyBeach App

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Hawaii Grown Fruit of the Month – Guava- Kuawa & Waiawi

E Komo Mai! Welcome to Conscious Maui’s Fruit of the Month Blog.  This month we will share a bit of info about the Guava, an invasive yet delicious fruit growing here, there and everywhere on Maui. It is delicious, free and surprisingly healthy, so eat up, or drink up cause it is great in smoothies too!

Last month we shares some of what we know about the Soursop. This one is really worth reading so if you missed last months featured fruit of the month, click here to learn more about Soursop, it could save a life!

What is Guava:
Guava is an abundant tropical fruit on the Hawaiian Islands. Common Yellow Guava is known as Kuawa, and Strawberry Guava is known as Waiawi in Hawaiian. Guava is native to Mexico, Central America and the north part of South America. There are many varieties available but to keep it simple lets focus on Yellow Guava and Strawberry Guava the two most available kinds here.

Where to get Guava:
Guava, an invasive species, can be found growing in public places. I would love to say you can eat the guava you find growing in the wild but since it is consider invasive it may very likely have been sprayed with a harmful chemical.  So picking guava for consumption along the highway is not advised. Even though you may see or smell them when you are on the road, be advised of this.  Many of the chemicals, herbicides/pesticides etc. on the market are systemic, meaning the chemical is in the plant and can not be washed off.  So it is going to be safer to eat the guava growing in your own yard or in the yard of a friend that does not use such chemicals in the garden. You can often find guava for sale at your favorite grocery store or a roadside stand. The farmers market is very likely to have it for a very reasonable price. Again it is important to choose wisely what goes into our bodies. Remember what we learned in kindergarten; “You are what you eat!”.  Guava grows itself abundantly. Let’s always remember to practice abundant growth, be like the guava.

When to Harvest Guava:
Almost all year round guava can be found. Although guava is an invasive species, in a time and place where food is expensive, it is nice to have to have something so readily available to eat.

There are several varieties of guava growing in the Hawaiian islands and the growing seasons overlap. Also, thanks to the many varied micro climates of the Islands, the ripening times are staggered. Guava growing in one place can grow faster than one of the same species being grown on another part of the island.

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ConsciousMaui.com One Year Anniversary

Aloha!  We are so excited to celebrate our first year online!  ConsciousMaui.com was born out of a desire to create a platform to support our conscious businesses, events and non profits that support Maui’s sustainability.  We created this website to support and give greater exposure to those businesses and events that are making the choices to be sustainable and protect our environment and Hawaiian culture.

We have enjoyed so much getting to know our community better and supporting all the good things happening on Maui.  Thank you for spreading the word about our site and supporting all the wonderful things going on here.  Please feel free to contact us or like, follow or friend us on social media.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.

Want to learn more about our Gecko Guide? click Here.

Want to create a free standard listing for your business?  Or check out our options to upgrade?  click Here.

Have a story you would like to share on our blog or social media?  click Here.

Mahalo for a wonderful year!!  We are looking forward to many more!


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Daniel Scranton- Channeling & Sound Healing

Daniel Scranton is an internationally known and well regarded channel and sound healer.  He has been a verbal channel since 2010 and has been sharing uplifting and supportive messages ever since.  Daniel is one of many healers, teachers and ‘way showers’ that enhances Maui’s alternative wellness community.  He has graciously shared one of his most recent channels with us.
We hope you enjoy it!

Three Steps to Receiving from Higher Dimensional Beings ∞The 9D Arcturian Council: Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are keeping up our side of the agreement that we have with humanity. We are checking in with all of you on a regular basis, seeing what it is that you need, and delivering to you the energies, the downloads, the upgrades, and the activations that you all request. Now, we are also encouraging all of you to relax more and do less because this is a team effort. And right now, your role on the team is to receive what you’ve already asked for and what we are consistently delivering.

There are several ways we recommend all of you get into more of an open and receptive state. First of all, we recommend that you get grounded in your physical bodies. Secondly, we recommend that you relax by doing some conscious, slow, deep breathing. And thirdly, we recommend that you do something that you enjoy.

As you tune in on a more regular basis to what’s going on inside of you, to your intuition, you will know when you are being guided and what you are being guided to. What your intuition is going to be giving you is the inspiration to go do something fun, something you enjoy, and something that you can do. So if you cannot drop everything and go move to Bali, for example, then chances are you will not be getting that intuitive hit. But if you can go make yourself a cup of tea, sit outside, and listen to the birds, and stare at the clouds, and that’s what you’re getting from within, then by all means follow through.

Now, we mentioned going outside because we do feel that you are more likely to receive what we and others are offering to you if you are in contact with Mother Earth and feeling the positive energy coming from Mother Nature. If you have a pet that you can connect with, and you start to stroke your pet’s fur, or play with your pet, that will also put you in a more open and receptive state. We desire for you to receive our gifts and the other gifts that you have coming to you, but you don’t receive because you’ve been a good boy or girl. You receive because you stop trying so hard to make everything happen yourself, relax, and open up to all of the energies that are coming from the higher realms.

You don’t have to earn anything, including the grace of Source, or Yeshua, or anyone else that you put on a pedestal. All you need to do is realize that you are that Source, you are that ascended master, and you’ve lived enough lifetimes there on Earth to deserve everything that you’ve asked for and more. We cannot force anything upon you, and neither can the archangels or the ascended masters.

All we can do is keep offering our services to you and hope you get into a state where your vibration is high enough so that you can receive what we’ve offered. Remember that the next time you’re looking at your Things To Do Today list. Make sure that at the top of that list, you put, ‘relax, open up, and receive.’ And sometimes when that is your priority, everything else gets taken care of for you. And if you don’t believe that’s possible, then we suggest that you at least give in to idea that it might be possible.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


For more information about Daniel Scranton and his offerings check out his website: DanielScranton.com.  Receive a free guided meditation by signing up for his email list. Also please follow him on Facebook and Youtube to watch,  listen to or read his daily channeled messages.

Want to check out more channels, spiritual teachers and guides?  Click Here.

Want to see what Maui has to offer in Alternative Health & Wellness?  Click Here.

Video version of channeled messages with toning intro.

Are you a conscious practitioner on Maui?  Know a great practitioner?  Sign up for a free standard listing Here.

Have an upcoming conscious event?  List on our events calendar Here.

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5 Benefits of Volunteering on Maui

Volunteering has been known to have many benefits that include boosting our self esteem and well being, giving our life purpose and combating  stress.  There are lots of opportunities on Maui to donate your time and energy to volunteer and reap some additional benefits.  Whether your a visitor or local, taking time to share with our community can give you some great and unexpected benefits.

1. Get to know Maui’s landscapes from a unique perspective.  Many of the places you can volunteer allow you access to places the public may not see.  Planting trees to support bird habitats on the slopes of Haleakala with Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project or diving to support reef health with American Reef Coalition can have you experience the land and ocean in a way you may have never seen before.

2. Get to know the locals.  If you are a visitor or new transplant to Maui there is an opportunity to get to know Maui and her people in a way that enriches your experience here.  Helping to maintain a heiau or cleaning up a local beach can have you sharing with our community, doing good for the land and sharing aloha along the way.  Check out our events calendar for upcoming beach cleanups and other conscious community events.

3. Volunteering as a remedy for loneliness and sharing connection.  We wrote another blog post on this previously but it bears repeating.  In a society that manages to separate us and decrease our human interaction, volunteering brings people to connect and share in taking care of the land, oceans and each other, together.

4. Sharing your love for animals.  Maui has some unique wildlife, much of which is endangered and in need of support.  You can support and protect our wild animals like the honu (sea turtles) or support habitats for our endangered birds like the Kiwikiu.  Do you love dogs?  Take a dog out for the day from the Maui Humane Society with their Beach Buddies program.  Love cats or other farm animals?  Check out The Boo Boo Zoo or Leilani Farm Sanctuary to volunteer in caring for their rescue animals.

5. Sharing your passions.  Love to Garden?  Come volunteer at The Sacred Garden and get your hands in the dirt.  Are you a farmer who wants to share their knowledge or learn more? Help out at Kipahulu Ohana and share in farming and cultural practices.  Are you passionate about protecting the environment?  Volunteer and share with Maui Huliau Foundation to help save the environment.  No matter what your passion may be, Maui can meet you there.

We hope that you have the opportunity to benefit from volunteering while here on Maui.

Check out more opportunities to volunteer Here

Check our our events calendar Here.

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