A Therapeutic Way to a Wonderfully Scented Home

Our brains associate smells with memories. We can be attracted to smells or repulsed by them and it may have little to do with the actual scent and everything to do with the memory tied to the scent. My favorite flower is the plumeria because each time I smell one I am taken back to 1997, when I was first introduced to Maui.

Many stores and restaurants can attribute a successful business to offering up an irresistible scent to lure us in. Like a bee to a flower I have a hard time walking past a coffee shop without stopping for an impulsive unscheduled cup of joe. I can hardly drive by Maui Coffee Roasters without stopping.

There are many artificial scents on the market that come in many shapes and forms. I used to love Yankee Candle wax melts. I took great pride in my collection. I was often getting compliments on the way my home smelled. But I was getting headaches, at that time it may or may not have been the way my home smelled that was making me feel bad. But when I switched from Yankee Candle to essential oils, at the suggestion on a good friend, the headaches stopped.

It was explained to me that our bodies don’t really know what to do with synthetics. This intuitively made sense and scents…Why are humans so attracted to these smells. Recently, a friend of mine was complaining about having headaches and she was sitting next to one of those scented plug-ins. I shared with her my story and suggested to remove the plug-in and drink some water. This must have seemed extreme to her because she still uses the plug in, which I am certain was giving me a headache in the short time I was exposed to it.

There are so many artificially fragranced products on the market. Candles offer a combination of unhealthy materials. The wax, the wicks (containing lead) and sometimes even the weird little container the scented candles come in can all make us sick. There are sprays, plug-is, car fresheners, rear view mirror Christmas trees, wax tart melts and on and on.

If you or someone living in your heavily fragranced home or workplace are suffering from unexplained maladies, try removing the artificial fragrance. What do you have to lose?

I am not unreasonable. I am not going to ask you to make your car smell like a car, and your office to smell like your co-worker, and your home to smell like whatever it is that you would rather not be smelling. (Kids, Pets, Cooked or burnt food – No judgement here).
Have no fear, without Yankee Candle your house will not smell like your high school gym locker or the dirty animal. I can provide a solution.

Essential Oils may be the answer for which you are wanting. Essential oils can give your home, car, or office an amazing scent while providing therapeutic benefits to all who share your space. When it comes to essential oils, remember you will be inhaling them so you want something pure and free of synthetics.

Essential oils can be but in a diffuser or a spray bottle mixed with water, alcohol, or vodka. You can mix and match the essential oils to create your own signature scent. It is so fun.

Additionally, you can select oils based on the effect they have. If your kids are running around all wild and it’s bedtime. By diffusing some Lavender, the mood in the home will slowly calm down, giving you the much desired peace and quiet you deserve.

During flu season, Oregano in the diffuser can help maintain a healthy respirator function.

Frankincense offers feelings of relaxation, and overall wellness.

Lemon and other citrus oils are mood boosters. Citrus oils will make your skin highly sensitive to sunlight. Never put citrus on your skin prior to going in the sun, this can result in a nasty blistering burn for up to 48 hours after skin contact with citrus oil.

Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree) Protects against environmental and seasonal threats.

To learn more about essential oils stop by Mana Foods vitamin room or see what free classes are being given at the Sacred Garden or Lumeria Maui.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this article. It is my pleasure to share with you what I have learned about essential oils. Remember essential oils make your home smell wonderful while supporting you on your wellness journey.

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