11 Ways to Make the Home a Zen Sanctuary

Here are 11 ways to create a peaceful, inviting home. A little bit of effort goes a long way. Maintaining your home does not have to take over your life. By picking up as you go you will actually have more free time to explore the island and spend time creating or hanging out with friends and family.

1. Kitchen – Clean the kitchen after every meal or snack. Dishes are easier to clean before the food residue is allowed to dry onto the plate. It has to be done, might as well get it done straight away rather than procrastinate and suffer the angst of having to look at a mess.

2. Baking – Keeping the kitchen organized, consider keeping all baking supplies and spices together in a airtight containers. This will keep the ingredients fresh and away from the many critters we share the island.

3. Refrigerator – If it is expired, dump it and recycle the container. Sometimes we by a new kind of sauce or salad dressing only to get it home and think it is gross. Then we store it in the fridge knowing fully good and well we are never going to touch that crap again. We wait until it expires then we toss it – why wait. Before going grocery shopping, the refrigerator can be cleaned out making space for the fresh groceries.

4. Trash – Take out the trash and recycling daily, unless you want roaches or even more roaches. The official unofficial state bird of Maui is the roach? yes the roach and they fly. They can find plenty to eat even in the cleanest homes. Roaches love to munch on crayons and envelope glue. Leaving the trash out is just asking for these bugs to come over.

5. Mail – To avoid having piles of mail all over the house. Sort it as soon as you get it. If you are getting junk mail on a regular basis, contact the sender and ask to be removed from their mailing list. It will take a little investment in time but this effort will pay off for the trees and the environment. You can opt out of receiving phone books too.

6. Storage – Keep similar items together – Tools stay in one spot, and Cleaning supplies have their home, beach toys, chairs and masks have a place and slippers (those are kept in a cute pile by the door).

7. Art Supplies – Keep like craft supplies with like – Creating is a big part of my life. Any crafter knows that the chaos of a creative situation can get quickly out of hand, one minute everything is great then PLAM you have just glued your fingers together. By organizing projects into kits it is easier to maintain order. Keep sewing supplies together. Keep beading supplies together. Keep paints and paint brushes together… You get the idea.

8. The Bathroom – Resist the temptation to have 7 kinds of shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower. Rather than throw the towel on the floor or in the bed hang it up and use it again. Discard expired cosmetics and wipe the mirror after brushing and flossing.

9. Automobile – Keep your car clean, particularly the windows. We are safer when we can see where we are going. Also, if possible keep loose items in the trunk or at least the back of the car. In the event of an accident a heavy object flying around in the car increases the chance of injury. Keep a bucket with a bottle of car shampoo, a sponge, and whatever is needed to keep you car clean. By having these items together there will be no need for a scavenger hunt later.

10. Bedroom – Make the bed – After waking it is a good practice to shake out the sheets and blankets and arrange them so when you are ready to slumber the bed is more inviting. On Maui, it is a good practice to keep blankets from touching the floor. Crawling critters are less likely to find their way into your bed if blankets are hanging off the bed all the way to the floor.

11. Laundry – Put all clean laundry away as it comes out of the dryer or off the line. And take it off the line as soon as it is dry. Don’t leave it out there all week… You know who you are.

I hope you are able to uses some of these practices in your day to day life. Ever since I started keeping on top of organization and housekeeping a little bit everyday I no longer have to spend my whole day off cleaning. This is an easy way to more free-time. I am not recommending that you go nuts and label everything you own. But, there is a high level of satisfaction in keeping a clean and organized home. Maybe it is just me but I feel more relaxed when the house is settled and everything is where it goes and out of my view. I also sleep better knowing that when I wake up my home is in order. Before leaving the house I prepare the home for my return. Ahh my home, my safe place, my sanctuary.

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