11 Ways to Environmentally Protect the Island of Maui

Our island is a place we love, it is our home or our place to vacation. Here are some activities that can be done to protect the beauty of the island and the quality of life for all that thrive here. We need to make a conscious effort to reduce our waste and increase our quality of life to keep Maui sustainable.

#1 Start a Garden

Plant more trees, put seeds in the soil and watch them grow. Ever wonder why a mango is $6 at the grocery store? It’s because not enough seeds were allowed to grow. If we plant more seeds today in just a few years we will solve this $6 mango problem. We can grow just about everything here and today is a great day to start.

#2 Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

REDUCE – Only buy products in plastic if there are no other options and there are almost always other options.

REUSE – When you do get stuck becoming the owner of some unwanted container find other ways to use it. Either for storage or starting a plant from seed.

RECYCLE – When the item has been used to its full potential clean it up and take it to be recycled.

#3 Pick it up

See something in nature that doesn’t belong there, be part of the awake crowd, pick it up and dispose of it properly. Others will take notice!

#4 When taking prepared food home

Bring your own doggie bag or take out container when dining out. It is always safer to place hot food into a glass or stainless food container than some leaky single use container anyway.

#5 Reusable water bottle

Did you know drinking out of plastic water bottles is unsafe if the water in the bottle gets too warm? How can you be sure to avoid drinking plastic tainted water? Get a reusable bottle and fill it yourself. Your hydration can be as simple as an old Booch bottle or as fancy as you want it to be. Express yourself!

#6 Breathe

When waiting in your car, save fuel and cut down on emissions by turning off the engine. This is Maui, the weather is lovely, enjoy the fresh air.

#7 Reef Safe Sunscreen

If you wear sunscreen make sure it is Oxybenzone Free. This ingredient has been shown to kill coral reefs.  If these chemicals kill the reef how are they good for people?  Hawaii state lawmakers have passed a bill to ban this harmful chemical that will go into effect January 1, 2021.

#8 Shopping Bags

Bring your own. If you live on Maui you already know the stores can only use paper bags. Many stores sell really nice reusable bags. For visitors to the islands make sure to pick up some quality reusable bags. They make great souvenirs and gifts. Know anyone that would like a shopping bag that says Maui on it?

#9 Shop Local

Support local family restaurants, shops, grocery stores and farmers! Making these businesses successful enables them to hire more local people and pay better wages. Produce grown in Hawaii, or better yet on Maui, is fresh. Anything else has traveled thousands of miles to get here.

#10 Glass vs Plastic

Buy drinks, sauces and condiments that come in glass jars instead of plastic. Because plastic leaches into the products and plastic never goes away. What if you had to keep all of the plastic you ever bought and you had to store it in your home? What then? Well, the earth is our home.

#11 Produce in Plastic

Produce is born in a perfectly biodegradable peel. I said it before I’ll say it again. Support the local farmer. The farmer won’t wrap your healthy food in unhealthy plastic. Maui has some amazing farms. Besides, the farmer’s market is so much more than a place to shop for food, it is a social event, and a tasting party. So grab your groovy wicker basket and a few shopping bags and head to the farmer’s market. You will be glad you did! 

Take a look at a list of Maui’s Farmers Markets here and Maui Food Markets Here.