11 Ways to become a more Sustainable Business

Aloha Business Owners, Residents and Visitors – Here are 11 easy steps on how you can make a difference!

#1 Restaurants Owners – can provide metal, paper or reusable take out containers. Styrofoam is a hazard to the island and the planet. Also hot food that has been in contact with styrofoam absorbs harmful chemicals when it starts to melt and probably before melting.  Maui County has a ban on polystyrene food and beverage containers that starts on December 31, 2018.

#2 Vegetation Control – To control Cane grass and other undesired plant growth such as weeds. Dig them up, pull them, burn them if you must but please stop spraying them with herbicides. These chemicals are harmful to every living thing from the land to the deep blue sea, not just the weeds you want to kill are being affected.

#3 Health Care and Wellness Service Providers – Use organic cruelty free, fair trade, sustainably harvested products with your clients. The wellness industry is a huge business with enormous profits, it is important to take care of those that help you take care of others.

#4 Restaurants – Provide paper straws to guests asking for a straw or go strawless. Offering Glass or Stainless straws for purchase is another good solution for people that just insist on having a straw, you can even sell the little straw cleaning brush to go with the snazzy little straw, if you want to really go nuts offer a straw case. There is a environmentally conscious business opportunity in here. Sooner or later those of us that really enjoy our beverages through a straw, or need a straw for health reasons, will bring our own.

#5 Retail And Grocery Stores – Shopping Bags are a great way to get your name out there. Sell affordable or stylish top quality bags with your brand on it and save the planet at the same time.

#6 Grocery Stores – Plastic Produce Containers – This is a huge problem. Just because these containers are labeled recyclable does not mean they are being recycled. Why buy produce shipped from the other side of the planet. that has to travel in plastic. It is not picked ripe and then it travels great distances and loses nutrients and flavor along the way. Why are we shipping so much here when Maui can provide so much of what we need.

#7 Anyone that uses Electricity – Go Solar or Wind and save the planet while saving loads of money, there are even programs in place to make the start up costs of going Solar more affordable. Maui plans to be using 100% renewable energy by December 31, 2045.

#8 Anyone that Drives a Diesel – Go BioDiesel – support a local business and smell like french fries everywhere your vehicle takes you… Really it’s true!

#9 Restaurants – Source your ingredients from local farmers. You will be supporting a local business just like your own. Maui grown food is fresher and grown with love, your customers will notice! Your ingredients will be fresher and more affordable. In offering a tastier menu your business will be way more likely to thrive.

#10 Employers – Save money by paying a fair wage. Retain happy more qualified employees that take pride in what they are doing, no one wants to work 3 jobs to live here and no business owner wants to have a revolving door of employees. Constantly training new people costs time and money, its bad for business (do the math). Give your regular customers a chance to build relationships and rapport with the cheerful people serving them.

#11 Restaurants – Instead of single use plastic cutlery, cups, plates and bowls that end up in the trash forever. Invest in a washing machine and ceramic plates bowls mugs and glasses and actual silverware. It is a nicer experience for you customers and better for the planet. It takes less energy to wash a fork with hot water and biodegradable soap, than to recycle used plastic to make a whole new utensil just to throw it away again.

Remember, as a consumer, you can ask your favorite local businesses to become more sustainable too!

Visit our “Food” section to find Organic and Eco Friendly restaurants, farmers markets and stores on the Island of Maui

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