11 Easy Ways to Have More Fulfillment in Your Life

Many of us our looking for ways to empower our lives and have more joy. Here are some easy ways to have greater fulfillment in your life.

1. Give yourself permission to say “No”.
If you have too much on your plate or just don’t want to, say “No”.  If we would all stop saying yes to things we think we are supposed to do and just said yes to what feels better, the world would be a happier place.

2. Imagine the day you would like to have.
Professional athletes are trained to visualize winning a game or making a shot. Why not visualize a successful meeting, a joyful flow to your day or a fun filled happy day?  Once you can see it in your mind and feel it, you can align with it in your day.

3. Notice when you’re overwhelmed.
When you have too much going on is the perfect time to stop and give yourself a break. Five minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes of self focus when you’re overwhelmed can help bring you into greater peace so you can approach anything you have to do from a calmer space. You may just stop and breathe. Or go outside and put your face in the sunshine or you’re feet in the grass. Bring yourself into the now, point yourself in the direction you want to go and move from there.

4. Honor your own knowing.
If something doesn’t feel right or aligned don’t override yourself and just deal with it. Acknowledge it and renegotiate what you are doing. There is always another way to handle something. Look for what would feel better to you in any situation.

5. Start with the solution, not the problem.
Most of us have been taught to face problems head on. Next time you have a challenge you need to overcome instead of trying to fix the problem, choose the outcome you desire instead and let the solution line up. If it doesn’t come for you right away, surrender it knowing the solution will reveal itself to you.

6. Leave your past behind.
Let each day be new, each interaction be fresh. Maybe things didn’t go exactly how you wanted it to go but today is a new day; as long as you treat it that way. Yesterdays flubs can turn into today’s inspirations. Let this day be new, not a recreation of yesterday.

7. Ask for help.
We all need support in our lives. Whether its asking a neighbor to help with your yard or a friend you would like to discuss an issue with, ask for help. Our lives are improved by connection. When we work cooperatively with others our lives are enhanced.

8. Know what is important to you.
If you haven’t done a personal inventory of your life recently, now might be the time. Sometimes we give our time and energy to things either we are no longer inspired to do or no longer want to prioritize. Realign your time and energy outputs to align with your priorities.

9. Do something new.
Whether it’s taking a class about something you’re interested in or volunteering for a cause you care about, doing something new will expand your horizons. Trying new things helps you find what you like (or don’t like) and helps you know yourself better.

10. Choose what you want. 
It doesn’t matter if they are big desires or little ones, ask yourself what you want or want more of now. Make a list, a vision board or just imagine in your head all of the things that you desire. Not just what you think you can have but what would truly desire. Many people do not choose what they want because they think they will have to figure it out and make it happen. This is not that. This is about choosing anything you want from your hearts desire and allowing yourself to feel the fulfillment of it.

11. Make a list of fun things to do.
We all get into bad feeling spaces from time to time.  Make yourself a ‘Joy List’.  This can be a running list of ‘go-to’ joyful experiences for those times when you need a lift.  It can be as simple as playing with your dog or a walk in nature.  Just notice when you are feeling really good and add those experiences to your list.

We hope that you will have greater fulfillment and ease by trying some of these simple steps.


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