10 Easy Ways to Help Maui Be Sustainable

Sustainability is a word I often use when I speak of our island home.  It is a term that references the ability or being able to use resources in a way as to not deplete the resources or damage them.  This is a repeatable action that can continue on as nourishing or restorative allowing a way that works continually; therefore being sustainable.

Here we have compiled a list of easy ways to help Maui and yourself be sustainable.  If you are a visitor, feel free to try them on while you are here or see what works for you to help your home environment be more sustainable.

1.  Recycle-  We talk about recycling a lot as a way to support the environment.  This is because the more we can recycle, the less that gets put into our landfill.  Many people don’t think of it that way but whenever you throw a plastic bottle away it can take 450 years to decompose in a landfill.  Or, you can recycle it and regenerate new plastic and protect our land from this accumulation of plastic.  Maui makes it easy by having many locations to recycle and having many recycle bins on local beaches and parks.Maui-Recycling-Service

2.  Support Local Sustainable Businesses-  This one hits home for us because this is basically the premise for our website.  We wanted to support our local businesses by giving them greater exposure.  By supporting these businesses you not only get great service or products but you also get to increase the sustainability of our island.

3.  Ask Businesses for Sustainability-  We all have our favorite places to go whether is be a restaurant or store.  If we ask the businesses that we patronize most to be more sustainable, they may listen and become more sustainable.  Recently I asked a restaurant if they had sustainable practices, I found out that they mostly did; they had local organic produce that they used and environmentally friendly serving containers.  But they had regular use plastic utensils.  I asked if they could use a more renewable utensil and the owner said they would see what was available.  Sometimes it just takes us asking.  And if we are good customers and investing in the business, they are usually happy to hear it.  If many of us request more sustainable options, these businesses will get the message that we care about sustainability.

4. Get a Reusable Water Bottle- Especially here on Maui when we have active lifestyles and warm weather we all need water accessible all the time.  This saves the expense of buying water bottles and saves the environment from those bottles that take hundreds of years to decompose.  As residents, if we each got a reusable water bottle it could save us more than 50 million bottles a year (1 bottle a day X 144,444 residents= 52,722,060 bottles a year).  Help the environment and stay hydrated; win-win.

5.  Participate in Conscious Events-  When looking for activities and events you can choose to participate in those that will support sustainability.  We have many conscious events on our island, something for everyone to enjoy.  You can help with  a beach clean up or support conscious or Hawaiian music by going to a concert.

6. Take Care of Yourself-  This is one that many people don’t think of when talking about sustainability.  But sustainability refers to that which can maintain and nourish.  We frequently allow ourselves to get stressed or skip things that are important for our personal balance and sustainability.  Do you have all of your personal care needs met?  Are you living your life in a way that is sustainable?  You can ask yourself daily:  What do I need to keep myself nourished, cared for or fulfilled?  And what can I release from my life that doesn’t feel good or is unsustainable?  Even a little adjustment in self care can have a big impact on your sustainable well-being.

7.  Talk to Your Friends, Family and Co-workers-  Sharing with people we know about easy ways to be sustainable helps everyone.  The more people start thinking about the idea of what is sustainable and how their choices can make and impact, the better off our island and our planet will be.

8.  Shop with Sustainability in Mind- This includes bringing your own reusable bag but it also has to do with which items you buy.  Look for products that have a commitment to minimal packaging, local ingredients or support sustainable efforts.  Your choices make a difference.

9.  Buy and Request Organic- When we buy or request our local stores carry organic options, we are voting with our dollars.  You can also request your local stores carry local organic produce.  It never hurts to ask for what you want.

10.  Volunteer or Donate to Sustainable Charities-  There are so many great non profit organizations that support sustainability on our beautiful island.  Get involved by volunteering.  This connects you with our community and supports our environment.  When we each do a little we can do a lot.  Don’t have time to share?  Donations are always appreciated no matter the size.

We want to get this idea of sustainability so firmly established that it becomes the new way to do business.  If we think about what works for everyone first, we can make choices that get our needs met and support our entire island.

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